From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 01SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “MY FAVORITE” (Any photo that you have taken in the last year that you especially like or that is especially meaningful to you) I submitted the picture below of our two Papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie. I thought it was a nice picture of the two of them lying together, so last christmas season .. I loaded the picture up into my Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and added the X-MAS hats and a nice X-MAS Tree and Seasons Greetings Wish. If you go to the start page of my [More]
Well, I updated our Wedding Blog last night to catch up on our progress on the Weight Watcher’s plan. Since May 21, 2005 here are the results: [Well you will have to go to our site to see how we’re doing…] Click here to go to site PS: I switched to a nice WordPress template .. It’s not as colorful as the other one, but it seems to be nice and readable. Feel free to go look and see pictures of our Medieval Wedding on August 31, 2002 (it was our 3rd anniversary yesterday!). I have over 900 pictures [More]
Some accounting packages and software are integrated with different modules, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable. In most cases, you should be able to record most of your cheque (accounts payable and bank cheque) transactions as well as your sales (accounts receivable and deposit) transactions. In any monthly accounting process, besides these screen oriented and often visual modules, you will have to make adjusting journal entries on occasion. When I prepare year end financial statements for my clients, I usually receive the information in two different ways: in a shoebox – where I get all of the information and [More]
I print my own business cards. Years ago, I had created my own business card on Microsoft Publisher. I have been involved in many conversations, maybe even borderline arguments! regarding whether or not I should be just ordering professionally printed business cards, or continue to print them myself. I now print them on Avery InkJet #38873 “Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards” (white stock). On the Avery website, you can even download pre-designed templates and create from the MS Word software. Anyway, I think I’m saving money because I’m only printing 30-50 cards at a time when I need new [More]
From: blogsite: Random 10 – Week 19 10 songs that sum up your weekend…or were on your weekend playlist…and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did) I have no songs that sum up my weekend, but I have been up early and listening to my MUSICMATCH library of over 3,200 songs (mp3, wma, wmv, etc) on shuffle play. Believe it or not .. these were the first 10 songs that came up this morning…. I stopped listening at #23 when it started hitting the weird [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 34 Top five “Peace”ful songs. (Interpret as you like) In Alphabetical Order … (I’ve added links to Amazon – if curious.. they have links to play samplings of song) 1) Black Sabbath – “War Pigs” 2) Boston – “Peace of Mind” 3) The Cars – “Let The Good Times Roll” 4) Trans Siberian Orchestra – “Carol of the Bells” 5) Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People”
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 25AUG05 CURRENT Theme is “WEATHER” (Rain, Rainbow, Lightning, Snow, Clouds, Hail, Puddles, Wind, Storm,…) I submitted the picture below from my Photo Gallery .. which was forwarded to me. It is a picture of a tornado in Altona, Manitoba, Canada. You can see the pictures, plus many more, in my PetLvr Photo Gallery: Or, you may also browse my photoblog category here, or just go to the original post at
Revolutionary changes are occurring today in both telecommunications and information technologies. According to page Background Internet Voice, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some services using VoIP may only allow you to call other people using the same service, but others may allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number – including local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. Also, while some services only work over your computer or a special VoIP [More]
According to Canada Revenue Agency: IT-417R2 Prepaid Expenses and Deferred Charges ¶ 2. A prepaid expense occurs where an outlay or expense has been made or incurred by a taxpayer in a particular taxation year and it represents, for example, all or part of the cost of services which will be provided to the taxpayer after the fiscal year end. For example, a premium paid in advance to obtain a fire insurance policy, which provides protection for a period extending beyond the year in which the expenditure was made, is one type of prepaid expense. Prepaid expenses usually play part-in-parcel [More]
As discussed in a previous blog entry, I really do have a completely insane and overly organized chart of accounts for myself and my wife. I keep track of everything. I obtain receipts for everything. It is a hellish nightmare getting current and I usually file our income tax returns on the evening that they are due! Every year I make it a point to include everything, and once I have everything documented .. I have a complete set of financial statements. These statements include: All of our major assets, at cost, including our home and stuff in it All [More]
From: Shall We Band Together? 1. What if any instrument do you play? 2. If you could choose to play an instrument what would it be? 3. If you were in a band, what would your band’s name be? 4. What type of music would your band play? 5. Would you continue to be good for years to come, or would you and your band end up in Branson playing for bus loads of elderly? 1. What if any instrument do you play? I do play Piano and Keyboards Used to play Bass Guitar 2. If you could choose [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 18AUG05 CURRENT Theme is “HANDS” (Fingers, Fingernails, Mehndi, Gloves, Mitts, Rings, Lotion, Prayer, Sign Language, Gestures, Cards, Handwriting, Paw,…) I submitted this picture from my Photo Gallery ..
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 33 Top five “colorful” songs In Alphabetical Order … 1) The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Man In The Jar 2) B-52’s – Dreamland 3) Glen Gray and his Orchestra – Casa Lomo Stomp 4) Madonna – Ray of Light 5) Yes – Time and a Word
I thought I would open up a category here in my sidebar, for Meme’s ….. What is a Meme you ask? There are many sites around the internet that have many topics and many interesting ways to create traffic to one’s website. The concept, I think, is that someone, somewhere, somehow .. decides to create a “Meme Blog” and ask questions on a consistent basis of time. This could be daily, weekly, or any other period of time. Bloggers come and read the questions, then go back to their own blog, answer them .. and then return to the “Meme [More]
What does RECONCILIATION mean? According to Wikipedia .. Reconciliation may be seen as part of a process of restoring a relationship gone awry, typically as the result of one party causing a rift. (among other things) According to Merriam-Webster Online dictionary .. Main Entry: rec·on·cil·i·a·tion Pronunciation: “re-k&n-“si-lE-‘A-sh&n Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Latin reconciliation-, reconciliatio, from reconciliare 1 : the action of reconciling : the state of being reconciled 2 : the Roman Catholic sacrament of penance – rec·on·cil·ia·to·ry /-‘sil-y&-“tOr-E, -‘si-lE-&-, -“tor-/ adjective According to the .. Performing adjustments to the balance in your checkbook so that it [More]
LESSEEE…. DEBIT CREDIT (1) WORKING HARD? XX,XXX     or HARDLY WORKING?   XX,XXX I have been quite busy this summer. I feel that I have been productive in my “day job” business, in the sense that I don’t believe I was unproductive. I have always been a good multi-task’er person, and I thrive in my problem solving skills to get the job done. Sometimes you may be working on a particular task, but then feel you should be doing it another way .. so you start all over – and you trash what you did before. To me, that [More] – [The Blog E-Cards] I thought I would cross-promote the link found on my other blog site .. It’s a … ** FREE!! *** Online Musical Greeting E-Card site for everybody to use for everyday purposes! WooHoo!! Oh Boy! Sounds Fascinating!! Okay, okay … calm down … Don’t get TOO excited! It’ll still be there in the morning! True .. it’s just in it’s infancy at the moment… so, please don’t laugh. It’s for the readers of my blogs. I currently have uploaded 60 cool looking pictures and 25 theme songs from cool Television Shows .. like … [More]
Generally, you can deduct the costs used in your business. According to bodies such as our Canada Revenue Agency and the Internal Revenue Service as … there is another stipulation to this general rule. A business expense is a cost you incur for the sole purpose of earning business income. So, you can’t just deduct everything and all expenses and costs you incur throughout your day in your business. Personal expenses just don’t belong here. There are additional rules for various type of deductions. If you want to read up on the general guidelines, try this … RC4070 – Guide [More]
I have been using Typing Reports for everything and for years. It’s my way of finalizing a job. For all of my personal income tax files, each file will have a T1 Transit Memo at the top of the file, above the actual printed and final tax return, and my envelope of tax receipts (due to E-File). It’s the same way with my annual T4, T4A, or T5 Preparation too. I have a different control sheet, which I named it as my T4/T4A/T5 Transit Memo. It’s no different for publishing financial statements. I call this my Typing Report .. plain [More]
This post is for bloggers and amateur web designers that keep fiddling their website design over and over and finally get it to look right – until … you are at your buddy’s place and decide to show off your blog or website, .. your buddy opens his/her copy of the Firefox browser and you wonder what the heck happened to your website! First of all – I hate Firefox with great passion – please don’t ask me why or explain to me why I shouldn’t – I have my own reasons Well .. I had the same problem with [More]
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HART’s Bookmarks – Information, Search and News – A&E Network – Welcome/Bienvenue! – Internet Archive: Wayback Machine – CBEL dot COM – Pages A-D – CBEL dot COM – Start Page – Worldwide Travel, 50,000 Destinations – News – Timo’s Bookmarks – Desktop Search Engine for your PC – CopyKat Creations – Recipes Page – Discovery Channel (USA) Dogpile.colm – All results, No Mess – Fetch – Multiple Search Engines – Discovery Channel (Canada) – FCC ID Number Search Page [More]
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This Picture just looks neat, so I thought I would post a link to the article in here…. HART Photo in the News: Jet’s “Sonic Boom Cloud” Caught
Okay. Believe it or not, I do not “blog” all day. But, I do blog and am committed to this ‘blogging’ thing .. – you should accept that. So, to make the transition easier for all of those around me … I have decided to take all of the verbs OUT of the English language and replace them with the term “blogging”. You can do vice versa as well. For Example: BEFORE: Honey .. I’m going to go for a drive around the block and get a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. AFTER: Honey .. I’m going to go [More]
I ran out of 7-column pad paper today, so I figured I would head over to Polo Park Shopping Center and visit the Grand & Toy store and buy some. While I was at the shopping center, I walked a few stores down into the M.T.S. Phone Center. Currently, Manitoba Telephone Telephone system is my major phone supplier. Before I go on .. a little background… I use M.T.S. for my home phone and rent a business phone with all the added bonus features, call display, call answer, call forward, and a speakerphone (It’s the phone model 390 – see [More]
Today I’ve added the script from the Tag-Cloud (beta) site. It is very flexible in its design and usage. What is TagCloud? TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feeds you specify, extracts keywords from the content and lists them according to prevalence within the RSS feeds. Clicking on the tag’s link will display a list of all the article abstracts associated with that keyword. Because of the formatting of the sidebar in this design, I have decided to just include the Top 10 keywords. The larger the font, the more popular the keyword. [More]
I have complete filing system in my basement. It holds all of my client’s Personal Tax Files and all the Corporate Files. I call this shelf my “Current” files. Last year, I took the time to pull out all of the older files and previous years’ files and place them in a banker box. Naturally, I documented each box by adding its contents into an Excel file, and numbering the box. I have 42 banker boxes stacked up in the corner of my basement, and this is what I call my “Archive” files. The boxes are stored on raised two-by-fours [More]
According to Canada Revenue Agency .. RC4409(E) – Keeping Records Chapter 1 – General Information ” ….. information in this chapter applies to record keeping related to income taxes, GST/HST, payroll, trusts, registered pensions, registered charities, registered Canadian amateur athletic associations, municipal corporations, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. This chapter applies to records in paper format, electronic format, or a combination of both.” You are required by law to keep complete and organized records as stated in the: Income Tax Act (ITA); Excise Tax Act (ETA); Canada Pension Plan (CPP); Employment Insurance Act (EIA); and Air Travellers Security Charge Act (ATSCA). [More]
HART’s Bookmarks – Music and Sound Resources – iLife – Garage Band – Record your next big hit – iPod + iTunes – For Mac and PC – Recording Studio Software Suite – Blaze Audio – CakeWalk Music and Sound Software – Internet Radio – Streaming Alternative Classic Modern Rock on the Internet 24 hours – Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music – Discovering the Best Independent Music – 1970’s Top-40 Music Songs: #’s and A-L – GNOMUSY (David Cabellero) Official Web Site – Learn to record and mix [More]
I would formally like to thank industry guru DAVE TAYLOR from his Tech Support And Business Questions: Ask Dave Taylor! blog for this idea. If you don’t know who Dave Taylor is, I suggest you hop over there to take a closer look. Chances are there is an answer somewhere in his blog for that burning question you have been desparately seeking the reply. Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones who knows-it-all (you know who you are!) .. and want to test Dave Taylor .. go ahead! You can just provide a comment to any question [More]
I’ve used this for a while, for both of my websites and … If you ever bookmarked a website before, in Internet Explorer you see a little “e”-branded icon. In Mozilla Firefox you see a document with a crimped-edge icon. In Netscape, I don’t think it makes a difference. In all cases though, you should be able to see my little “favicon” on your Address Line of your browser. If you can’t, well then .. it’s probably one of these two reasons: I obviously do not know what the heck I’m talking about, and It doesn’t matter what [More]
While I was adding the link to Maxxie and Sophie in my previous article .. I was browsing the gallery where I placed most of the nice pictures. I have a lot of cool pictures in that gallery … you can click here to see the gallery in full. They are organized into topical folders, and can be viewed as a slideshow. This is one of my favorite pictures .. in the “COOL” section Check it out for yourself! You should go. * Take care. HART