We have reviewed thousands of expat tax returns prepared by hundreds of different tax preparation companies, CPAs and accountants. We reviewed thousands of returns taxpayers prepared themselves using software such as TurboTax. One of the reasons why our law firm advocates so strongly for a reform international taxation is that the tax industry and taxpayers alike are simply unable to keep up with the intense demands the IRS foists upon US expats. Don’t believe me? Well this is our top 13 list of what most tax preparers and taxpayers get wrong about filing US income tax returns for [More]
Learn the keys of how to grow your small business with my top 5 small business bookkeeping tips! You can find new videos every Wednesday & Friday on our channel. Check us out on the following social media platforms: Website – Facebook – Linked-in – Instagram – Twitter – About: This video contains my top 5 small business bookkeeping tips to help you grow your business. The tips and opinions are based on my own experience as a bookkeeping business owner myself. I’d love to help you grow your business, so leave comments and feedback [More]
Founded in 2011, we live up to our reputation as a reliable, and specialist outsource accounting service, straddling the full suite of support and advisory services to accountants and the organisations they represent in the UK. We bank on our impressive team size of 90+ professionals who offer the sharpest advice and full complement of support services to businesses, helping clients pursue core business objectives. We cherry pick our professionals from the brightest who emerge from specialist courses related to British accounting requirements. The accretion of accounting knowledge over the years, and our spectacular success have benefitted clients immensely, freeing [More]
TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course – Income (Part 6) – Unemployment Income, Social Security, Other Income, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Free Consultation. Call us at 407-344-1012, or visit Do Pay Anything Out of Pocket, since our service fees are taken from your refund. Serving all Central Florida, Kissimmee, Orlando, Hunters Creek, Lake Nona, Celebration, St. Cloud, and more. Gain Superb Personal Income Tax Return Preparation in Kissimmee and Orlando with Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Kissimmee tax preparation services have to be selected carefully, since when it comes to your personal income tax return preparation, you need the very best in the industry. We guarantee all our customers with complete satisfaction and the highest standards of excellence when it comes to [More]
How to pay your Canadian tax balances online using the CRA’s My Payment System. LiveCA is Canada’s first online accounting office allowing today’s mobile entrepreneurs to connect directly to a CA wherever, whenever
Are you a newcomer to Canada? This video series helps explain the Canadian tax system and provides information to help you fill out your tax return. This segment gives newcomers to Canada key information for filing their first income tax and benefit return. This video concludes the Newcomers to Canada series. For a list of all the links mentioned in this video and more resources, please visit:
“Starting an estate planning practice” is not going out and buying up office supplies, furniture, and office space. To me, “starting an estate planning law practice” involves the activities necessary to attract ideal clients so that you can retain them, and then have them compensate you for providing your professional legal services to them. Almost everyone underestimates what is involved in setting up a practice that consistently brings in new ideal client activity. Here’s a step-by-step cost-efficient plan for building your practice: (1) Build a Website. Don’t spend valuable resources paying a third party to build and maintain your site. [More]
Hi guys, in today’s video I want to share with you why Estate Planning is IMPORTANT to every financial advisor. Join the Mentoring Family to get more tips like these: Ever since I started the mentoring family, I’ve been receiving many messages from members asking me multiple questions related to Estate Planning. 🤔 Questions like: “Dr Sanjay, why and how can I learn about estate planning ? I want to close a bigger case.” “I met a business owner today, I’m not sure what can I do for him, can you advice me?” “I was recommended to a high [More]
NICE ASSETS present: “I want it that way”. Nobody knows the backstreet boys better then these three accountants.
Get ready to pay your team! See how to: · Decide which subscription is right for you · Set up payroll · Pay employees · Pay and file payroll taxes See more payroll and HR resources here: Connect with the QB Community here: Start for free at Run your whole business better with QuickBooks. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Subscribe for more QuickBooks! Visit for the latest! Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow [More]
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TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course – Module Seven – Income – Part 5 – Schedule E, Depreciation, K-1
…quick and easy information on how to navigate through the series of prompts at the IRS to reach an agent…featuring my original song, “Penny Pincher Blues”
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So, you’re waiting until the last minute to file? Check here, for info. on how to file, quickly & for Free!!! Check if you owe any tax = tax calculator quick check Manitoba 2018 Income Tax Package (includes Guide) Turbo Tax 2018 RRSP Calculator Instagram
These are the mistakes people in the accounting profession make all the time. You need to avoid them, it’s costing you money. If you would like to learn more about How to Price Your Bookkeeping Services, you can download my FREE ebook here: FREE LIVE TRAINING WITH ME EVERY MONTH Is this the year you want to take your income to another level? Join me every month on a 60-minute online training session and I’ll share with you powerful pricing strategies. Click here to find out more and to get on the VIP list… FREE eBOOK If you’d [More]
Natalie completed her Online FNS40615 and FNS40215 Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping with Monarch institute, and literally hasn’t looked back. She now has a successful bookkeeping business. Natalie describes how she gained the courage to leave her job, and simply start! Justin, one of Natalie’s early clients outlines the value of outsourcing bookkeeping services for his limousine business. Call Monarch on 1300 738 955 to chat about our Online Accounting and Bookkeeping courses.
TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course, Module 6 – Form 4797 and Retirement Account Distributions
Module Four of the TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation course.
Webinar episode on the Corporate Assessment Review Program (CARP). We discuss reviewing your corporate tax return and common mistakes made. This episode is part of series of webinars answering your payroll questions and helping you meet your deducting, remitting, and reporting requirements.
This is the season for Tax filing and in this video I’m giving my 2 cents on what a T4 slip is and what all the numbers mean. There is no need to be scared of the finances and documents like T4, they are really simple to understand, and it’s a good thing to keep a knowledge about them Canada Revenue Agency (T4): T4 Tax Slip: Everything you need to know! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My video Gear: iPhone SE: Bendy Tripod: Editing Rig: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Find Me Here: Snapchat: Bhavin121 Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
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Simple and Effective, Online Tax Training from Learning computerized tax preparation the right way gives you control and flexibility over how you present key financial data to the government. This course by will give you the tools needed to prepare a tax return completely and accurately the way professionals do across Canada and Quebec.
In today’s episode, I’m going to give you some insights into the world of taxes so that you can make the type of personal financial decisions that help you pay just what you need to and not more. If you have any questions after watching my video, make sure to leave them in the comment section below! Update: There is a calculation error at 1:19. It should be $44,718 with tax of 9,167.19 (at 20.5%) for total taxes of $15,959.19 and an average tax rate of 17.7% (74,040.81 leftover after taxes). —————————————————- Visit PWL Capital: Follow PWL Capital on: [More]
Desired to be tax accountant. – This Quickbooks Online Account Payable Tutorial 2018 walks you through the various steps in the accounts payable process using Quickbooks Online. It starts with setting up your vendors (which you can also do as you enter bills), entering your bills, tracking your accounts payable aging, to paying your bills. Please leave a comment or question below!
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A tax tip: The CRA receives millions of payments each year. Help us make sure your payment is processed correctly. For more information, go to
This video will help you to keep IRS important telephone number handy just in case you lost in your contact
This video focuses on an all too common gap in the financial community’s interpretation of life insurance who tend to think that life insurance is only important for replacing one’s income at death. There are other critical uses of life insurance for estate planning purposes that go way beyond income replacement. Before we dive in, let’s review what is estate planning? Estate planning is a plan to manage and distribute your assets in the event disability or death. Your assets are everything you own and this is not just an essential for wealthy people. Having no estate plan makes you [More]