Prank call to Canada Revenue Agency scam These guys had no customer service skills! These CRA scammers took a lot of offence to me asking for a French speaker!
I encourage you to call them back and waste their time. It’s the only thing that will stop them, plus it’s fun. CRA Scam calls 2018
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On this episode of the podcast, my guest Art Steele and I discuss: – Why estate planning matters and why its not just for celebrities and millionaires -The first things you need to do (including documents to have) to ensure you have a plan in place for your loved ones to access your finances and assets in the event of an emergency – What happens to your money when you are no longer here without an estate plan – How to put an estate plan in place ❤ Get my access to my Resource Library: ❤ Follow me on [More]
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A phone message from scammers claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency. I get these messages at least once a week, sometimes an actual person and sometimes a text-to-speech bot.
Do you get calls from CRA the phone number not to call is (647) 792-7581 Or do call and PRANK them These scumbag idiots call and claim to be from Revenue Canada and that they have conducted an audit on my taxes and that there were several errors made . The only error that was made was them calling me . If you or anyone you know gets a call like this PLEASE don’t fall for it . Report it and let get these guys where they belong . Like and share this as much as you can .
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This is the video recording of a presentation that attorney David S. Banas (Hickman & Lowder) gave at the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Watch to learn more about benefit basics, common pitfalls in planning, and estate planning tools.
Hello Friends Financial Planning | Basic of Practice Set 4.2 | Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 3 In this video you will learn 1. What is GST? 2. What is CGST? 3. What is SGST? 4. Tax invoice issued 5. Trading Chain 6. What is Input Tax? 7. What is output Tax? 8. What is ITC? 9. What is GST Payable? 10. Basic of Practice Set 4.2 Please watch Linear equations in two variables Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Practice Set 1.1 Practice Set 1.2 Practice Set 1.3 Practice Set 1.4 Practice Set [More]
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Services In this video the income tax preparation topic of line 104 will be discussed by Sukjhit Annad.
A union-sponsored survey of more than 1,700 auditors and other tax professionals who work for the Canada Revenue Agency suggests that even the insiders believe the cards are stacked in favour of the rich. To read more: »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: Find CBC News on Facebook: Follow CBC News on Twitter: For breaking news on Twitter: Follow CBC News on Instagram: Download the CBC News app for iOS: Download the CBC News app for [More]
THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! Watch the whole interview on google videos (,search for the title: AMERICA.Freedom To Fascism.Aaron Russo Interview. Please, share this with anyone you know who might be concerned.
Scott Smith, Esq. is an experienced investor, and owner of Royal Legal Solutions, Austin, TX, one of the top asset protection companies for real estate investors in the country. In order to develop strategies to maximize tax savings and protect from lawsuits, Scott invested several years deconstructing real estate investing. For any specific questions feel free to comment on this video, or go to the website and set up a consultation now! You may not know it, but you might be disqualified from being able to take advantage of the 1031 exchange. And might be subject to 39.6% tax rate, [More]
Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen in this first part of a series on the 2018 Canadian budget. In this first report on the budget, we dig into BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting), an international tax agreement put forward by the OECD, IMF, BIS and other global banking giants. We first reported on BEPS after the Panama Papers (funded by The Open Society Foundation) attempted to smear individuals attemtping to keep their money safe from theft. The script was layed out. The whole idea of the faulty leak was in order to manipulate the public [More]
Personal finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq joins us to talk about what you can do in 2018 to help pay off debt and put some funds aside. ———————————————————————————————————– Subscribe to Your Morning for the latest: Connect with Your Morning: For the latest in news and lifestyle visit: Your Morning on Facebook: Follow Your Morning on Twitter: Follow Your Morning on Instagram: Hosted by Ben Mulroney and Anne-Marie Mediwake, along with anchors Melissa Grelo, Lindsey Deluce and Kelsey McEwen, YOUR MORNING delivers a fresh perspective on today’s headlines, engaging conversations with trending celebrities and news makers, plus [More]
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5 Tips on getting more bookkeeping clients
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