The purpose of a financial statement is to enable a business to establish the result of its operations over a period of time and to determine its worth at a specific date. Financial statements are often prepared by business people to assist them in evaluating their financial condition. Sometimes it is necessary to provide specific financial statements at the request of a banker or supplier. Tax returns require a financial statement when a business is involved. Inhouse monthly financial statements can be in any form that is convenient or acceptable to management. When financial statements are provided to outside parties, [More]
SUMMARY OF SERVICE We will prepare (without audit) your annual T1 Income Tax Return from information provided by you. I am registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as an EFILE PREPARER with certain responsibilities. I am not an agent for CRA, but I can Efile your tax return electronically using Efile Online, or paper-file your tax return. You will receive a summary and “Client Copy” of your final tax return filed. INFORMATION WE REQUIRE If married, both returns should be prepared at the same time Verification of your birthdates Children’s names and birthdates Employment income slips (T4, T4A, T4E, T4PS, [More]
For all new clients, I must request the following for my files: ALL CLIENTS Current Contact Mailing Address Current Phone and Fax numbers (home, work, cell) Current Email address PIPEDA Letter PERSONAL TAX CLIENTS Copy of your last T1 Income Tax Return filed with CCRA Copy of your latest Notice of Assessment from CCRA Engagement Letter CORPORATE & BUSINESS CLIENTS Copy of your last T2 Corporation Tax Return filed with CCRA Copy of your last Notice of Assessment from CCRA Copy of your last published Financial Statements Copy of Incorporation Certificates and Share Structure Engagement Letter Take care. HART 1-800-HART
This is what other people had said about me, over the years,… who am I to argue? The customer is always right 😀 Take care HART 1-800-HART ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hartley B. Singer specializes in accounting systems in computerized environments. He has developed comprehensive internal information systems and has worked with hundreds of businesses in a microcomputer environment with a focus on bottom line improvements to the organizations. His experience includes 18 years working in chartered accountancy firms with responsibilities including the preparation of operational management reports, audit work, tax planning and assistance with the set-up, implementation and review of client’s books. [More]
I would describe the “PREPARATION OF TAX RETURNS” to be the preparation and filing of your tax returns, plus the time spent dealing with the government on your behalf to verify, adjust or appeal any information related to your financial information. I can help you with: Canadian Income Tax Preparation Corporation Income Tax Preparation Preparation of Amended Returns and T1-Adjustments Take care. HART 1-800-HART
I would describe the “PREPARATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS” to be more than just the internally prepared monthly computerized statemenst. These are the final Year-End Financial Statements that you would give to your banker, to your debt holders, and what you based your personal or corporate income tax returns upon. I can help you with: Notice to Reader Review Engagement Reports Audit Report (special engagements with other C.A.’s) Review of Financial Information Shareholder and Owner Remuneration Calculations Income Tax Planning Take care. HART 1-800-HART
I would describe “PLANNING AND CONSULTATION” as a necessary function every potential business person should consider, with the assistance of your accountant. Before you embark on a business venture, you should know if your business will be successful. In addition to the planning stages of your business, implementation and monitoring will also be a vital key to your success. I can help you with: Financial Forecasts and Planning Budgets and Cash Flow Projections Break-Even Calculations General Business Consulting Take care. HART 1-800-HART
I would describe “COMPLIANCE AND REPORTING” as the preparation and filing of necessary forms for the government, either Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or any provincial or state government agency .. on time. When forms are filed on time, there are no penalties and government officials will not bother you. I can help you with: Canadian Payroll – Employer Remittances Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Reports Goods and Services Tax (GST) Reports T4/T4A, T5, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Reports Training and Assistance Take care. HART 1-800-HART
I would describe “BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING” function as the process of maintaining good records and everything that goes along with that, in determining your financial position of your business. I can help you with: Bank Reconciliations Monthly Financial Statements Monthly Bookkeeping Accounting in a computerized environment> Data Entry – Sales, Receivables, Collections Data Entry – Payables, Bill Payments Canadian Payroll – Calculations, Cheque Preparation Loan Amortizations – Preparing Training and Assistance Take care. HART 1-800-HART
I began to work in PUBLIC PRACTICE along side my father, AARON SINGER, Chartered Accountant (C.A.), since the summer of 1985. Between the summer of 1985 to June 30, 1989 the firm name was Singer Lazer + Grant, Chartered Accountants. In July 1989 my father, one of the senior partners, left with a junior partner and they formed their own accounting firm. The name was Singer & Johnson, Chartered Accountants. Sometime around 1994 or so, another C.A. joined the firmed, and it was renamed to Singer Johnson Sasley. Sasley announced he was leaving post January 31, 1999 and the firm [More]
I was born July 11, 1963. That makes me .. (lessee, carry the one, minus the nine, divide by the square root of 63) um … Experienced! I used to like drinking coffee at 7-Eleven all the time. I used to think I was permanently destined to do so for the rest of my life, until I stopped working next to a 7-Eleven and well, that though went away fast. Anyway … In 1976 I was 13 years old. Our family moved out from ‘The City’ out to ‘Rural Country’ in that year. I vaguely remember that I was familiar [More]
1-800-HART I have created this blog in an attempt to eventually become a companion interest and support site for my business … HBS Management Consultants. The business name is derived from me .. HARTLEY B SINGER, and my website from the business name itself .. … I am an “Accountant / Consultant” —> Pronounced: “Accountant Slash Consultant”. —>“SLASH” is what I am here to do for you … slash your time and expense involved in: * getting you current with your accounting records * organizing your records and creating systems * making your job easier and more efficient, and [More]