Drats. I have been using Telus as my Cell Phone carrier for almost three years now (see this post) and have not been happy. In fact, you could say that I have been happy to switch ~FINALLY over to our real phone network – Manitoba Telephone System (MTS Mobility). This has been going on for 6 months now. I have been talking about it. I have been hinting about it. I have complained everytime I talk to somebody on the Telus phone and ALSO hint about it. I couldn’t wait to get me the new Palm Treo or, the Latest [More]
How come I never had “Easy Questions” like this one … when I was going to University?
Okay. I think receiving this spammed email message 8 times per day for every email address I own is quite EVIL of you, and I do not approve. No! I will not UNSUBSCRIBE so you know my email address is real! I don’t hate Santa .. I hate you! SHOO! Okay. Does it sounds like a worthwhile cause? I am not sure. You go to SentBySanta.com . Then you fill out a form and for $10.00 .. well, you can send a “Personal Letter From Santa” to anybody, presumably a child. Okay. Is it me? Their page sucks – it’s [More]
Subject: CRA Electronic mailing list service Other News Releases: Fact Sheet: You have rights! http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/newsroom/factsheets/2005/nov/fs051110-e.html Fact Sheet: Fairness provisions in the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/newsroom/factsheets/2005/nov/fs051110-2-e.html Fact Sheet: Be an informed donor http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/newsroom/factsheets/2005/nov/fs051110-3-e.html
Subject: CRA Electronic mailing list service http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/newsroom/alerts/2005/a051110-e.html Taxpayer Alert Owners of self-directed RRSPs should use caution with tax-free withdrawal schemes Taxpayers should use caution before taking part in any scheme that promises a tax-free withdrawal of Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) funds. Some promoters of financial schemes promise RRSP owners that they can make tax-free withdrawals from their RRSPs. Typically, the arrangement involves using an individual’s self-directed RRSP to purchase the shares of a private company or interest in mortgages (usually at highly inflated values). The funds used to make the purchase are then loaned back to the owner of [More]
The following is now available on the CRA Web site: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/newsroom/releases/2005/nov/nr051114-e.html News release Revenue Minister McCallum launches the Taxpayer Alert initiative Toronto, Ontario, November 14, 2005… John McCallum, Minister of National Revenue, today launched the Taxpayer Alert initiative as part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) ongoing commitment to ensuring a level playing field for all taxpayers. The announcement was made during an appearance on CTV’s Canada AM morning television show. “The CRA has a mandate to ensure that Canadians pay the taxes they owe and receive all the benefits they’re entitled to under the law,” said Minister McCallum. “But [More]
It’s not up on the website yet (at the time of writing this post), but it will probably be on the archives for the week ended 11/14/2005 … at Judge Judy’s website No, I am not a fan … although I watch it. My wife likes to watch it on channel 135 during the hours 6:00pm to 7:00pm … which usually coincides with our dinner. It’s …. “okay” .. but, if I were to pick my favorite .. it would be Judge Marilyn Milian from The People’s Court .. Hands Down everytime! Anyway – the episode had to do with [More]
A relative of mine will be officially retiring December 1, 2005 as “Early Retirement” due to health reasons, among other reasons. This person will turn 65 in calendar year 2006. I thought I would write an article about CPP Retirement and its benefits and some other information that might be useful to you, especially if you are approaching the early retirement age of 60. Canada Pension Plan Retirement Benefits Everyone is eligible to receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits when they retire provided that they make at least one contribution to the Canada Pension Plan during their work career. This [More]
What’s Your Opinion? Pick Your Favorite 1-800-HART Logo! Single-Hart Orange Logo Double-Hart Green Logo Double-Hart Orange Logo Center-Hart Blue Clouds Logo Center-Hart Grey Clouds Logo TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE —> Please post a comment! Do I even need a new Logo? If I come up with more – or, if YOU want to come up with something completely different … I’ll add it to this entry! Other Additions: November 12, 2005 added (Thanks for suggestion!) November 14, 2005 added
Finally…. (sorry about that) HART-Empire.com is back online!
HART-Empire.com is down for maintenance … That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Actually – I was just heading off to sleep this Saturday evening and I noticed that my site is down. For some reason, the wordpress blog is not recognizing the index.php file in my themes. If I toss another index.php or index.html file into the root, it WILL load. All other files are present, and the network retrieval of the links are showing up in the sidebar, as it’s supposed to. I was going to put up a page “Site Down For Maintenance” or “Ya- I [More]
I looked at my stats for all my blogs on October 5, 2005 HERE, and thought I would try to compare it with November 5, 2005 stats … and see if they make sense to me. As you recall, I am using STATSCOUNTER as my free blog site statistics utilities, with an additional $9. per month for expanded ‘log file’ for my PetLvr.com blog. By the way, I cancelled it, and this should be back to the normal 100 log size as all of the other free stats, effective November 6, 2005 (tommorow). The thumbnail on the left is October [More]
December 31 is coming fast and it’s time for me to sharpen my own mental skills and prepare for the 2006 “Tax Season”. Someone somewhere suggested this news item, and I bookmarked it – although I can’t remember who that was or where. But, do you think you know Canadian Income Tax? Take this test! HART ~~~~~~~ CANOE Money: Columnists – Linda Leatherdale – Take the Great Canadian Tax test Take the Great Canadian Tax test Updated: 2005-10-30 06:30:17 This gives a whole new meaning to “trick or treat.” The taxman gets the treat, while over-taxed Canadians are tricked into [More]
Thank-you for your patience during ‘renovations’‘ .. Construction is now complete! Version 2 is now the active and “Official” 1-800-HART WordPress Blog Template. I hope you find it easy to navigate. 100 Things You Always Wanted To Know About 1-800-HART Version 2’s Hostile Takeover Date: November 3, 2005 This template is called Copperleaf Plus Theme and modified to suit my own personal needs The header picture is from an unknown Email FWD of Provencher Bridge during an Electrical Thunderstorm in Winnipeg, Manitoba – supposedly in 2005. There is a Salisbury House Restaurant beneath those lights on the left The picture [More]
I would be greatly appreciative to receive comments about the design and function of this website .. you may do so in the comments of this blog entry. What do you think of each of these designs? Which one would you prefer me to select? This the currently proposed theme .. call COPPER LEAF PLUS This was my original theme … called GRIMELDA
Subject: CRA Electronic mailing list service The following is now available on the CRA Web site: CPP pensionable earnings ceiling for 2006 up to $42,100 News release CPP pensionable earnings ceiling for 2006 up to $42,100 Ottawa, November 2, 2005… The Canada Revenue Agency announced today that the maximum pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for 2006 will be $42,100-up from $41,100 in 2005. The new ceiling was calculated according to a CPP legislated formula that takes into account the growth in average weekly wages and salaries in Canada. Contributors who earn more than $42,100 in 2006 are [More]
A couple of weeks after hearing a sermon on lies and deceit, a man wrote the following letter to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): Dear C.R.A. “I have been unable to sleep, knowing that I have cheated on my income tax. I understated my taxable income, and have enclosed a check for $150. Sincerely, Taxpayer P.S. If I still can’t sleep, I will send the rest
I have decided to move on to another design for 1-800-HART … If you can read this, you probably will agree that it’s about time for a change … If you can’t read this .. that’s exactly why I need to change this template! Sometimes, the links appear to be off center until you put the mouse over it. Sometimes it works okay in Firefox and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, as ‘cute’ as the sidebar links is (with the underline for each link and hilight green) ..it’s not enough to keep me to try to fix this template. I’m [More]
I received this in my In-Box October 26, 2005 … it’s that time of year again, for us preparers to register with Canada Revenue Agency to renew our participation online. Thank you for using our electronic services to file your client’s individual and corporation income tax returns. To maintain your access to our electronic services for the coming year, you have to renew your participation online. This will allow you to use the following electronic services: * EFILE On-Line * EFILE On-Line Plus * System for Electronic Notification of Debt (SEND) * Corporation Internet Filing * To renew your participation, [More]
.. Just kidding! Congratulations .. And, I didn’t even win $10.00 !! But, I only spent $20.00 (10 selections @$2/ea) from random numbers used in my Lotto 6/49 Picker – I did receive 6 out of 10 that had 2 numbers …. but, it’s still a ZERO when it comes time to play .. So .. How much did you spend?
Ok! These are videos that were emailed to me and I now CLEAN THE CLUTTER from my harddrive and place them all here in my “Amusing Stuff” category. I suppose it’s okay to post these video files in my blog, as people were nice enough to FORWARD them to me! Some of them are cute! Some of the are interesting! Some of the them are silly! Some of them are X-RATED or OFFENSIVE (although, none of them are sexually explicity) and MAY include SWEARING … so, you might want to wait until the children are out of the room 🙂 [More]
Ok! These are videos that were emailed to me and I now CLEAN THE CLUTTER from my harddrive and place them all here in my “Amusing Stuff” category. I suppose it’s okay to post these video files in my blog, as people were nice enough to FORWARD them to me! Some of them are cute! Some of the are interesting! Some of the them are silly! Some of them are X-RATED or OFFENSIVE (although, none of them are sexually explicity) and MAY include SWEARING … so, you might want to wait until the children are out of the room 🙂 [More]
Ok! These are videos that were emailed to me and I now CLEAN THE CLUTTER from my harddrive and place them all here in my “Amusing Stuff” category. I suppose it’s okay to post these video files in my blog, as people were nice enough to FORWARD them to me! Some of them are cute! Some of the are interesting! Some of the them are silly! Some of them are X-RATED or OFFENSIVE (although, none of them are sexually explicity) and MAY include SWEARING … so, you might want to wait until the children are out of the room 🙂 [More]
CTV.ca | Winning numbers out in $30M Lotto 6/49 draw … but no winner! So, this Wednesday’s Lotto 6/49 draw should be over $40,000,000 top prize. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. surveyed winners of $1 million or more in early 2004 and found that about three-quarters of them did share the loot with family and friends. Here’s some other things they learned: * 89 per cent put the money in the bank * 35 per cent took a vacation * 35 per cent bought a new car * 30 per cent gave to charity * Seven per cent bought [More]
This will be my last post in my MEME section However .. don’t worry! I still plan to participate in them .. but will be posting them over in my other blog at this location: http://hartandyvonne.com/blog/category/meme/ It was precipitated by a comment suggesting that personal items (such as this) do not belong in business blogs … and it is probably a good idea anyway 🙂 TOPIC CATEGORY – CLOSED!
Too Cool For Internet Explorer? or Too Cool For FireFox? I prefer Internet Explorer. But – I do use firefox, netscape and opera when I am making major design changes for my websites and my blogs. I personally don’t care what browser you are using to read my blogs but I will try to make sure that you are able to. So please stop ‘spreading’ firefox and anti-I.E. messages .. your browser isn’t that great .. but YES you do have a few good features that are quite useful. So .. what’s up with the “Too Cool” campaign? Competition. Why [More]
From: http://musicmemoirs.blogdrive.com/ blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 41 To continue with Fallen’s “emotional” lead: Top 5 “Crying” songs (Interpret as you wish…) Crying could be anything .. in the title, in the lyrics .. it could be tears, sniffles, and the list goes on… I have limited my selection to my “inventory” of mp3’s .. (to let you sample them) however – I will add my “Honorary Mentionables” at the end … As with previous weeks, I have removed last weeks selections and tossed up this week’s Top Five .. You can rename them accordingly .. Don’t miss [More]
As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I had registered a few more domains in September 2005 .. I am hosting this new website (plus more in the works) at GLOBAT WEB HOSTING .. Currently, I’m on the TerraByte Package #1 which gives me 10 gigabytes of storage space and 300 gigabytes of data transfer per month .. You get a MySQL database and it is very easy to set-up .. plus a gajillion email addresses … but, the price was the ultimate factor. I currently have everything else on my PetLvr.com account hosted by http://Blacksun.ca on the “Office” [More]
Okay .. I was watching FUTURAMA recently .. the episode with one of the best comic genius lines in all animated cartoons … Leela: Fry this isn’t healthy. You’re living in the past. Fry: I’m rich! I can live whenever I want. Leela: But we’re your friends and we live here in the year 3000. Bender: Yeah. Now are you gonna come to the squid fights with us or sit here wallowing in your prehistoric junk? Fry: Junk? Maybe you can’t understand this but I’ve finally found what I need to be happy, and it’s not friends. It’s things. “ [More]
From: http://www.spunwithtears.com/thursday.html Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 13OCT05 CURRENT Theme is “SMALL” (Undersized, Miniature, S. of the Back, S. Talk, Fine Print, Microscopic, Miniscule, Diminutive, Tiny, Unpretentious, Itsy-Bitsy, Teensy-Weensy,…) I submit this URL with two “PET RELATED” pictures for this week’s Thursday Challenge, given the fact that I have two pet related blogs … * PetLvr.com – [The Blog] * PapillonLvr.com – Blog A PICTURE THAT I TOOK (and think that’s cute and small – “SOPHIE” THE DAY WE GOT HER) You can see her and our other Papillon dog Maxxie here in our PetLvr.com – Blog Gallery .. In [More]
I don’t know if you guys noticed this but … if you are like me and prefer to write in POINT FORM .. or make lists etc … How do you do that? Do you use the (li) (/li) codes to do this? … replace ( with < and replace ) with > … I have just been adding an asterix * and a space before the text .. I will show you what it looks like .. the first set of point form items will be using the (li) (/li) codes .. the second set using the * before [More]
This afternoon our water heater tank exploded. There was approximately 2 inches of water on the floor in the south section of my basement and a clear river flowing from the north part of my basement where the water heater tank was. Fortunately, a lot of my important documents and files and electronic items were deliberately placed off of the floor, for cases like this. I had built a step-floor where my permanent files are, that were the size of a 2″x4″ in height .. so I was okay. It was messy … it took a while to clean up [More]
Greetings. I have added a new “Page” today .. it’s in the right sidebar, just under the “Search” and my cute picture… I call it: Bloglines and Other Distractions I like the idea that I can add links to my site just as easily as content. What I didn’t like was using http://www.blogrolling.com because I have multiple accounts. I might be surfing one website – it may be Pet Related .. but I was logged in under my 1-800-HART account. Or, I might be surfing a small business or accounting website, but I was logged in under my PetLvr account. [More]