Over $400k earned—My Journey To Becoming an Enrolled Agent By The Internal Revenue Service

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Karla Flores says:

Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm inspired. 🤗

Sombre Beauté says:

Great information, thank you! Newly subbed 🙂

jaime del salto says:

You can use GLEIM, So far is great … I am planning to take the exam this year . Just to add something take the CPA or EA exam is enormous cheap to do a master ( learn nothing and no certification) and I quite confident You will learn a lot doing those exams and being certificate by the IRS ( your name will be there website) at least yours hire exception will be higher eventually. At the end of the day is 80% LUCK

StephSavvy 009 says:

So embarrassing to ask! Can i become an Enrolled Agent if i owe the back taxes to the IRS?

Cyril Euscobar says:

How many times did you argue before a tax court? I think your EA status gives you jurisdiction to represent a client in that venue.
The EA status gives you a similar status to a patent agent being able to represent an inventor before the Patent Office (USPTO) and argue cases before the PTAB (or Patent Trials and Appeals Board).

Rick Reynoso says:

Which tax software you recommend? Im board approved to sit for the CPA but decided for the E.A because tax is all i want to do))

Mallikarjun says:

Crysta Thus,
Your video is a good source of informational. I passed my Enrolled agent exams in 2016 and present working as Tax Manager at an accounting firm. I'm looking forward to explore the opportunities with Enrolled agents own practice and benefits virtually. Please let me how can we get connected?

Joshua Espinoza says:

I'm falling in love!

DJ Waynehead says:

Thank you for your videos

Lisa Haney says:

I just went on the IRS website and got my PTIN. I know it's a small start but I am excited that I completed that small step in the process towards becoming an EA. Your videos are very encouraging and you make it seem very doable. I also appreciated your response to Lily R in the comments below. Even though she told you "honey you are only an EA", you still responded with professionalism and helpfulness. I liken that to being told "honey, you are ONLY a nurse" or "honey, you are only a Dental assistant", or "honey, you are only a cashier". All have their place and are needed. Besides, can you imagine what CPAs would charge (on top of what they charge already) if EA's did not exist? Certain types of tax payers would never get the tax help they need since they couldn't afford it. "Honey", keep up the great work!

Elisa Rinaldo says:

is your chat free..

NATEG01 says:

It's a bummer that it now costs $182 each section now. I wish I would have taken it last year.

NATEG01 says:

Your experience with Business Part 2 sounds frustrating! At least you were persistent and didn't give up, passing it is the main thing no matter how many tries it takes you. I just took this section today, and I was sweating bullets too. It was really tough! The questions were a lot different from what was covered on my review course. I had marked about 30 questions that I was unsure about, and kept switching answers. And I agree a lot of the questions seemed to have more than 1 correct answer. Luckily, I must have guessed right on a lot of these questions so I did pass it. Just one more section to go.

Angelique Tucker says:

I just passed the Enrolled Agent Exam its currently $181 per an exam and I purchased one of the high priced study systems which did not do well. I used Passkey the book you recommended and had great success. I am interested in working with you.

Lily R says:

I got my enrolled agent license in 2016. It took me about 2 months of studying full time on my own. I passed all 3 exams on my first try having no tax experience. Although having the license helped me lend my first job in public accounting, I soon learned no-one takes that license seriously. You need to have a CPA license. I have been studying for the CPA for over 2 years now. Failed at least 5 times already and I am starting to see why the EA is not taken very seriously. I admire your enthusiasm but honey you are only an EA. It’s not even a prestige license. Unless you open your own practice, no body in public accounting takes it seriously.

Sai Prayastha says:

I'm very much interested to become an EA the link mentioned in your tutorials description was unable to open please help me in that,
Sorry for grammar not a native.

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