On-boarding your accounting and bookkeeping clients with confidence

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Every accounting firm experiences this whether small or large, on-boarding the new client. For some as they grow this is a regular process as they grow the firm. For others this is occasional and erratic. Either way, this is an essential, dare we say your first impression with the client. This is your time to SHINE and over-deliver but too often it is filled with frustrations and problems.

Learn now what you can do to avoid the mistakes so often made when on-boarding a new client.

See what you can do as a large firm to manage the process and delegate the roles.

As a smaller firm, perhaps a one-man-firm see what you can do to streamline the process.

Take the time now to take this from concept to implementation and perhaps automation.

The goal, on-board a new client quickly, efficiently and profitably avoiding the gotchas along the way. Set clear expectations and in fact “wow” the client.

Listen to Roger (president of Universal Accounting Center) and Brittany (founder and owner of Ledger Gurus, an accounting firm with 40 employees and clients around the USA) Hear her share the “must do’s” we all should know. I’m sure you would agree, growing a business that fast in just 4 years she has the experience to help us all.

At the end of the webinar there were two offer for everyone that listened in:

Free access to the class: Billing Accounting Services – learn the ways to properly price your services to get paid what you are worth.

Also, see what you can do to automate your workflow using proven standard operating procedures: Pure Bookkeeping – https://universalaccountingschool.com/become-an-accountrepreneur/pure-bookkeeping/


Ariana Hernandez says:

I wanted to take the time to thank you both for such an informative video. I normally don't comment on YouTube, but I really enjoyed your session. This year will be the official start of my firm and as organized as I am, I kept losing sleep over the on-boarding process and at what point should I do what. I REALLY want to thank you both, again, for setting up this video!! I now have a better direction of how I can proceed. For as many years that I have been in the accounting business, it is a totally different ballgame once you own your own business. Happy New Year and thank you again!!

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