My Business Tax Journey | Bookkeeping Tips and Techniques

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Before I began this Journey, I took a deep breath – this project was HUGE!!!

When I felt myself gasping for air, I stopped cold, dead in my tracks, and not just looked but went the other way.

That’s how I was able to renew my mind and gain new momentum to finish my course. I made my way through made my way through obstacles that initially seemed impossible.

In this video, I’m sharing with you how I way able to calm down all the numbers and details to make everything agree and coincide. This system was vital to my success.





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christian williams says:

very nice mother! I couldn't hear you that well in the beginning introduction.

Jen la mejor says:

great tips❤❤❤❤

The Domestic Handmaiden of Distinction says:

Yes, thank you these tried and true tips are most definitely helpful! They are also timely as reminders/encouragement. You made me laugh when you said you began thanking and praising God. I know that feeling all too well when working on projects. God's presence and wisdom is so appreciated.

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