Kevin J. Johnston Scams The Canada Revenue Agency Scammer

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HAH! The scammer called a member of – I called the scammer back, and had a bit of fun.

DO NOT FOLLOW ANYONE’S INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PHONE. Revenue Canada is called CANADA REVENUE AGENCY, and they do not call with exact amounts.


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Kevin J. Johnston



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Kuldeep Singh says:

Good job Kevin….scammer got scammed. You are a wonderful actor and comedian alongwith honest journalist and human being.

Yiu Chan says:

Canada Revenue Agency does not have any "Officers" with any badge numbers. They do have "auditors" or "assessors", who are Professional Accountants, who go over your tax return, and, issues a notice or assessment. If you make a mistake in your tax return, it is NOT a criminal offence under the Income Tax Act.

They will not call you even if you own them taxes (to as much as ten thousand dollars) —— you will get an account statement with a REMITTANCE SLIP that you can pay at the bank to the Receiver General of Canada. Remember, your cheque should be written to the Receiver General of Canada and nobody else.

Yiu Chan says:

Stupid Scammers ! Area Code 415 is San Francisco —- when did the CRA move to California? There is no Loblaws or 7-11 or Esso Station in the USA. 416 is a Toronto area code.

Kevin M Klerks says:

That was amazing! I am still laughing!

wogz187 says:

"The number you have reached is not in service…"

BarNuun says:

CRA Scammer Guy has a New Number… yet Again!  His name (with thick accent) is:  Steven WHITE, CRA.  His Number :  587-206-2466   So give him a Call, or Three!

1980shovelhead80ci says:

call me a racist but the accent would have made me hang up alone ? i don't talk to call center employees off shore .

Jason Crouzat says:

It's the same guy that tried to get me

Jason Crouzat says:

Good job Kevin I got caught with the same thing last year with this Microsoft repair scam

Franco Cinelli says:


luvmyctd says:

So the thieving CRA is outsourcing their parasite jobs to India now too? lol The fact that ANYONE would fall for this shit explains the downfall of our society. Mindless retards abound 🙁 For those with brains, guns & ammo have never been more abundant and reasonably priced in this country .. STOCK UP WHILE YOU CAN! You all know that Jihadi Justine the gay parading LIBERAL feminised fag is coming after our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to defend ourselves, our family & property next.

BarNuun says:

Here is the latest Scammer :  613-699-7819    So give him a CALL!

Chemical_ali says:

Stinky Indians are aways ready to give you a bl*wjob for 1.00 Indian rupee. Indian literally sucks

stanky6261973 says:

That was hysterical!! We're in the states and "apple ink" kept calling us saying our cloud was breached. My husband called them back and cursed them out. They haven't called back. We thoroughly enjoyed your phone call. Thank you. Btw, YouTube ended my subscription to your channel, I'm back 🙂

Zuzana Halza says:

OMG … You made my day 🙂

christiane lamontagne says:


Stinder says:

415 is an area code for San Francisco !!

kia driver14 says:

Hilarious. Thanks Kevin

The Oddest Vegan Couple says:

You're awesome. Can't stop laughing.

Ron Cameron says:

Hilarious , I wish I knew about this when I had one of those calls from Montreal a few years back .

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