Job Costing in QuickBooks Online (QBO) with the NEW Projects Feature – QB Power Hour

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In this QB Power Hour, we discussed job costing in QuickBooks Online with the new Projects feature. NOTE: You must have QBO PLUS to do the job costing and there are some limitations (i.e. no labor / payroll allocations except for manually and no progress invoicing). Specifically we discussed:

–setting up for job costing including setting up 2 sided (aka double-sided) items
— set up a budget for the customer / project (if desired)
— enter transactions for the costs (expenses, checks or bills), assigning them to a customer / project and marking it billable or not. (also mentioned entering expense with the QBO mobile app)
— create the invoice or sales receipt
— use the Projects center to quickly see reports — transaction list, profitability, unbilled time / expenses and non billable too.
— customize other reports — profitability by item, budget vs. actual

Plus, an Intuit project manager joined us to discuss the new projects feature to help keep the transactions and reports together in one location for easier use and access.


Teddy Ramos says:

Thank you so much for this video, I just have a potential client who asks me if constructions using project costing can be done in QBO.

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