IRS (Internal Revenue Service) – What A Joke

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Words of wisdom, don’t waste your time going to the IRS for a tax problem because they know as much as you do about it!


Ruben Figueroa says:

just another corrupt branch of the U.S. government. it really is a shame

Sparrow J says:

Mr Skoggit this 1040 form video timing is going to be epic …. LOL

Roy Ross says:

On the next story time , do you have any funny stories from your job ? can't wait for the next one !

Roy Ross says:

I don't know anyone that wants to go to the IRS , unless they call you to come visit them . LOL My tax preparer is pretty sharp !  I don't ask the IRS for anything !

william hale says:

gov is only there to serve themselves….not the tax payer

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