"IRS Internal Revenue Service scam call"

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The fake Social Security called me today thank god I was able to record it

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Scammers want it, and they think of all sorts of ways to trick you into giving it away. Please report all scams to the appropriate Authorities I would appreciate it and thank you.

📋1. The IC3 gov is for Email, scam websites, Texts the URL is IC3.gov

📋2. The FTC is for scam calls the URL is https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

📋3. The postmaster is for scam snail mail that comes to your home mailbox the URL is https://www.uspsoig.gov/hotline

📋4. The Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) is a non-profit consumer protection agency, they handle disputes with legit companies.

📋5. The Office of Inspector General of Health and Human Services is for the Social Security Scam, any Health scams, Grant Scam the URL is https://oig.hhs.gov/.


Gigzy Art says:

This is great!

Gigzy Art says:

Bwhahahahaha!!! Goat f*cker😂😂 this is so good!!😂

Gigzy Art says:

I call out one of these scammers once and they got really mad at me😂 we actually argued for awhile. Then the guy got his "supervisor" on the phone and he got even madder! Haha. Great video, you are doing great work!

Infinite Value says:

You have a real good channel 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GEO CAMP says:

Let me explain each and everything. Omg to funny😂😂😂😂. How can anyone not know this is a sewer rat Scammer call. Did he say attest or arrest warrant? There is only 3 ways to loose,get,have a SS# removed and I'm not going to say in case these sewer rat Scammers read this stuff. Don't give them any info

suzycreamcheesez says:

thieving lying unwashed POS Indians

Ismail Ali says:

This is directly.

Nigella Blum says:

Brandon: That was excellent scam baiting. Wish these Indian scammers would disappear from this earth.

Vijay Singh says:

Glad you posted here, Why Police can not give instruction to Bank/Store to inform suspicious activity to police.

John Wright says:

Great video brandon. 👍👍👍✌ even after you called him a scammer the stupid idiot kept right on going with the scam. I love scammers time wasted 👍👍👍👍👍 thanks for all you do.👍👍👍👍👍✌✌👍✌❤

Little Peace says:

You called him out on being a scammer, then he insisted on wasting his own time. Awesome! Rock on, Take Down!👍😃✌

OJAS says:

Thanks Brandon. Have a nice evening!☺

Tanya Vav says:

TY Mr. Brandon McClain for all you do! Scammer saying "why you say this is a scam" What a f@cking idiot he is Scammer saying you're going behind the bars will catch him soon known as Karma. More is coming his way soon.

Laura Griffin says:

Can't imagine why anyone would fall for these bastards and their bullshyte.

Norma Mac83 says:

It was so nice of that agent to explain to you how this could not be a scam !🤣🤣🤣

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