Internal Revenue Services Audit(You Crossed The Threshold Of The Building, Tripping Security)

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Address: 4825 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Phone: (661) 328-4399

Triple Canopy Private Security Name: Gutierrez Batch#433

He stated I could not record inside the IRS Building And Started To Called Hes Buddies For Help!

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Dean Dayton says:

Just move the asshole, he cannot bar access.

So Above So Below says:

Mr. Camera man you should get a real job and get a life and leave the security officer alone. You can cause the man to lose his job because of your stupidity. Come on bro you know it’s in his post orders not to let people like you in the building. Give them a break.

the wolfe says:

Guard is a tyrant agent of the IRS. I wouldn't be sad if he spent some time face down in a muddy ditch.

Front row seat to the end of the world says:

Government using burner phones like the organized crime syndicate they are

Bama Camera Film T P says:

Goooood.. U hardly see the irs getting audited.. Tks.

Paul Geyer says:

Should have made a complaint to that guards security company. Just posting a sign, as you know, does not make it so. Also the IRS building belongs to the taxpayers and the citizens so you can be there on business for all that bozo knows. You see, you give someone a costume and a toy badge (security guards everywhere) and a tiny bit of authority and suddenly they all become J. Edgar Hoover!!

Rusty Wallace says:

His main job is guarding the restroom from the homeless people.

Sam Sitar says:

federal property is public property.

Katelyn Johnson says:


Mark Str8 says:

Why did you cross the thresh hold with the camera and the no photography policy sign with no statute on it by the way is on the inside the lobby? Brilliant!

Aaron Stephenson says:

Holy shit hahahahahaha “he pushed his camera beyond the main threshold” hahahahahaha

Jonny Bravo says:

If you’re going to call yourself a first amendment auditor, then you’re going to have to push the threshold, otherwise you failed, and the guard knows it, see him smirking.

Eva Bermea says:

That GUTierrez rent a cop is one ugly MF with his THICK ASS HAIRY spider looking eye brows! (Vomit) They look like the McDonald's ARCHES! Bahaha……😝

wildlifeguy says:

A sign. Did the sign cite the criminal or civil code where that ordinance is listed? If not it is an illegal order and doesn’t need to be followed.

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