How To Talk To A Live Person At The IRS

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…quick and easy information on how to navigate through the series of prompts at the IRS to reach an agent…featuring my original song, “Penny Pincher Blues”


Anthony bones says:

Thanks so much ur a lifesaver

Tha Candy House says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG! It should not take this just to get help smh❤️

Long Beach. Bradly dalmatian says:

Anyone reads these please have the IRS call me I want to talk to them I am scared they will put me in jail over a few thousand dollars what a way to live in United States of America

Long Beach. Bradly dalmatian says:

At least I'm documented on YouTube saying that my mortgage is four months behind Child Suport is adding up and I'm working seven days a week minimum of 65 hours in 100° heat

Long Beach. Bradly dalmatian says:

What are we supposed to do when we owe money and can't afford to pay

darkmanx _429 says:

I hate the IRS.

Starguard ! says:

Thank You 😀

Pat mahomes Goat says:

Man not working for me only been able to get a clerk that couldn't do anything been calling for 2 hours

chak says:

its harder for non us citizens tho , i tried over and over for a week and nothing

Shea Brown says:

Perfect. Thank you.

Lamar Lerma says:

IRS wants there money quick but when they owe u it's hard to get a hold of them

David Medina says:

Lol it worked 😀

2phalanges says:

good job bro.

VERB65 says:

Yeah!!! it worked thanks so much

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