How to Start an Estate Planning Law Practice

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“Starting an estate planning practice” is not going out and buying up office supplies, furniture, and office space. To me, “starting an estate planning law practice” involves the activities necessary to attract ideal clients so that you can retain them, and then have them compensate you for providing your professional legal services to them.

Almost everyone underestimates what is involved in setting up a practice that consistently brings in new ideal client activity.

Here’s a step-by-step cost-efficient plan for building your practice:

(1) Build a Website. Don’t spend valuable resources paying a third party to build and maintain your site. You can use wordpress for free. The primary reason you want a website is so that you can add massive amounts of valuable audio, written, and video content to your site so that ideal clients can find it, consume it, and call you. Cost: less than $20.00

(2) Start a Podcast. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of YouTube videos that show you how. Embrace it. Research a niche estate planning topic, make your podcast outline, and then record your audio podcast. The key here is to document what you learn. By recording your audio podcast, you have forced yourself to learn how to verbally communicate the issue. Put each podcast episode on the podcast page of your website and on itunes. Cost: FREE.

(3) Start a YouTube Channel and Make Videos. Immediately after you record your audio podcast, use your smartphone to make a talking heads video. Buy a cheap lapel mic to improve the audio quality of your videos. Optimize your videos through a written description (less than 5,000 characters), tags, and playlists. Repurpose your video and written description on your blog page on your website.

(4) LinkedIn Articles. Optimize your LinkedIn page and then repurpose your video and written description as a LinkedIn article. Your connections will see this article in their feed. Then with one click you can paste the LinkedIn article on to your Facebook company page so that people who have liked your law firm’s facebook page will see the article in their feed.

(5) Repeat 500-1000 times. Don’t come up for air (or expect that unlimited clients contact you) until you’ve put in the work to become really good at it, and you have a ton of amazing content for your prospective clients to consume.

Lots of work? Yes.
Frustrating at times? Yes
Need to stop binge-watching Netflix? Yes

But there is no shortcut. So long as you keep at it and don’t quit, you’ll get there.


Crystal Williams says:

This is really helpful! I am in the early stages of transitioning to an estate planning practice. I am looking forward to working on these items this weekend! Any suggestions on first niche topics for the podcast and YouTube channel?

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