How to start a Tax Business and make 6-Figures Your First Year 2018/2019

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Joshua Espinoza says:

Great video and explanation. Priceless! Thank you

Camille Lewis says:

Great info! Thank you

Jessica Davila-Jasso says:

Hi, starting out, I'm preparing taxes with a church for low income families to get my feet wet. It's free, so software isn't an option right now. The pdf for the 1040 forms are available on irs website and any tips on doing it manually like that?

SuaveGA says:

I'm Blown Away Great Video! Good Information!

Dj TangO GoReallA Records says:

Honestly, some good stuff: I am investing in a tax service this year, and do to my current profession I was like how hard would it be to get a lot of people that's what I do lol, I think I'm going to rely on the professional experience of the agents I recruited,,

Ladie Monk says:

Thank you so much for this video! I am also a Licensed Health Agent. I was speaking with a client who had her own tax company for years and she told me to become an enrolled agent. After that and hearing what you said there's no way I'm not going to be an enrolled Agent by this time next year. You answered every question I have been struggling with and confirmed so much for me. Sorry for the book but your video is super awesome! Thanks again

Mind Yo BizNess with Shannon says:

PTINs are now FREE!!!!

Rise Above Financial Ari Frank says:

Hi Crysta, I am amazed at how good your information is. Would you happen to do a video on tax preparation back office services?


what classes do I need to take in order for me to become a tax preparer? Do i have to get an associate or bachelor's degree? Thank you.

tttttttyger says:

YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!! and you are beautiful too 🙂

Shanna Shackelford says:

You are a wealth of knowledge!! Was considering closing my little tax service…but you have helped so much! Thank u😁

Cocoa Everett says:

Thanks so much for this valuable information! I am tax preparer and this is the first time I heard any one give such valuable practical advice! Again thank you! ❤

allen lenth says:

Smart and beautiful Great Tips and surprisingly simple.

Sam Frazier says:

Excellent video! Attorney Sam Frazier Admitted United States Tax Court

Baq Alfaham says:

incredible. 3rd viewing..

Pat L says:

The crap side of marketing is good for people just starting out. Going the social media route of marketing is for more sophisticated tax preparers who have had skin in the game for a long time.

Before all of this, they should join VITA or work for a tax prep business like H&R Block to become educated and understand the business side of things.

You can't move from point A to point Z in a few months and think you can start charging $1500 to real estate investors unless you went to College for Accounting, became a CPA or a Tax Attorney. Becoming an Enrolled Agent takes time too.

There is also nothing wrong with people who are content with charging $200-$300 and doing 1040s for their entire careers. Low income households can be their niche. It depends on what you're comfortable with and your education level. I'd say $75,000 in a 4 month period is pretty good income. Someone can have 8 months off and just grind for 4 months out of the year if they choose to do so.

If you can't even find 250 clients for $200-$300 a pop for 1040s in a city like mine with 2,000,000 people, then you shouldn't even be an entrepreneur. It's easy to find clients especially through word of mouth and recommendations.

Pat L says:

PTINs are free now.

Also the credentials are a joke. Literally, a bum off the streets could become a tax preparer. It's crazy how little regulation there is.

Information in the video is still solid though.

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