How to Reconcile Business Credit Card Accounts in QuickBooks Online

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In this lesson, we’re going to cover how to reconcile business credit card accounts in QuickBooks Online.


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Jennifer Hardcastle says:

How do I handle a cc charge on my statement that should not be a business charge?

Spartan-Surfer says:

Last tip…some times the download date differs from credit card dates on your statements. Simple: let the credit card date rule! 🙂

Spartan-Surfer says:

I fully agree…take a break!
Surfin CPA

Spartan-Surfer says:

Excellent tips!

Talk Bpo Call Centres says:

Question, please I know I owe the credit card on my statement $5K , but quick books shows it as $5K, but not -$5K , why would this be and does the display 5K from Quick Books shows as a Liability or not? Thanks

Euro life says:

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Brenda Liona says:

Great content on your channel.

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