How To Know If You Should Be Charging GST/HST

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Are you a small business owner? Do you know if you should be charging GST/HST? (pronounced Gee Ess Tee H Ess Tee)

When determining whether or not your business meets the criteria for mandatory registration of GST/HST, ask yourself the following.

Number one, Do you provide taxable property and services in Canada? and number two, Do you no longer qualify as a small supplier?

You are no longer considered a small supplier if your revenues of worldwide taxable supplies are more than $30,000 in one calendar quarter or 4 consecutive quarters

The timing of when you hit the $30,000 is important as it determines what day you are required to register for GST/HST with Canada Revenue Agency and when to officially start charging GST/HST.

Voluntary registration for GST/HST is also available for small businesses. So who should voluntarily register for GST/HST?

Small businesses that want to recover the GST on expenses paid and are still considered a small supplier.

If you have any questions regarding GST/HST registration, stop by our website and book a free initial consultation.


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