HOW TO: Fill-in a Canadian TD1 Form (2019)

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Rameesh Ramachandran says:

Helpful, Thank you.

Fernando Gonzalez says:

Debi the unsung hero of Canada

Debi Peverill says:

The purpose of the TD1 form is to give your employer the information they need to take the correct deductions from your pay cheques. If you have paid tuition in 2019, that tuition will reduce the taxes you pay in 2019. This is why the form asks for the tuition you paid in 2019, you are not reading the form wrong.

Jimmy To says:

Hi, in case this was missed. I need help. I'm graduating from being a full-time student this month and filling a job application out right now where I'm required to fill in a TD1 2019 Personal Tax Credits Return form . I'd like to double-check if I'm reading wrong since it says will be paying Tuition on the form.

1. If I had already paid for my term's tuition (Jan 2019-April 2019), do I include or not include it?
2. For the total Tuition do I exclude the 30% off from OSAP grants or just simply put the total tuition the school charged?
3. Would I just add the total Tuition I paid this year with my Basic Personal Amount for the Total Claim Amount?

Thank you and sorry for the double post.

LyleJacob says:

hi! can you please help me? i have 2 jobs before.

1. my question is on my full time job, i put 12,069 in the total box of my 1st TD1 form. On my part time job, someone from our company told me to put ZERO(0) on the total box of my 2nd TD form. did i do the right thing?

2. now that i left my full time job, i only have 1 job now (the part time one). shall i change my TD1 form now and put 12,069 instead of ZERO?


Jeffrey Boucher says:

In Line 7 , my spouse has zero income, does that mean I enter the full $12,069?

Debi Peverill says:

If the box does not apply to you – it is acceptable to leave it blank or to put a zero in the box.

Debi Peverill says:

For the 2019 form the amount to use is the amount that you will be paying in 2019.

Kurtis Nauss says:

For Tuition, is that what i will be spending throughout 2019, or what i paid in 2018?

Debi Peverill says:

You are correct – if you claim the total of tuition on your 2018 T2202A form on your 2018 tax return, then those amounts are no longer available to be claimed in 2019. Only tuition which you have not deducted is considered to be unclaimed tuition.

Pendaflex says:

@Debi Peverill
I'm a part time student and in 2018 I paid a total of $1,067.25 ($495.00 tuition fee, $357.00 course materials & $215.00 CPA membership). I received my T2202A from the University with the amount of $495.00 and T2202A from CPA with the amount of $252.00 (Total of $710.00- 2018 T2202A). My question is: if I'm filing my 2018 tax return and would claim the total of T2202A; does it mean I can no longer claim these amounts as UNUSED tuition fee in the 2019 TD1 box 5 and TD1 box 4 if I fill out tax forms for employment? Can you please shed some light? I'm so baffled about this. Thank you so much in advance!!!

EVERYONE please feel free to comment and help me out! Thank you!

Debi Peverill says:

Yes that is allowed.

Akash Patel says:

Can I add the amount of carried forward tuition credit from previous years to the tuition amount of TD1 form?

MyBabyBenson says:

I'm so confused. I don't know if I'm supposed to check the "more than one employer" box or not. I have earned since the start of the new tax year, but I quit my job and got a new one and I have to fill out the TD1 form for it… I don't know if I should leave it blank or not!

Joseph seed says:

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Daniel DeVries says:

I forgot my name address I’m in Surrey though I know it’s 2013 cause … well … Russian and he’s a Trump agent! What’s a Social service paycheque number? Thanks for this info, I’m gonna remember it.

duncan bond says:

They can choke on that form

Ali Roels says:

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Lily maclean says:

I'm not filling this out

Joe Gamez says:

I’m Canadian

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