HOW TO: Fill-in a Canadian TD1 Form (2018)

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Dylan Lambert says:

What if do if I have a spouse and also have a dependant that is 16 years old?

jesse sparks says:

My last day of work will be Dec 31 of this year, officially retired Jan 1/2019. I was sent the TD1 forms (fed and prov) to fill in for my pension. Do I need to put 2,000 in line 4? Is this line referring to Jan 1 and forward when I start receiving a pension?

K Talha Ather says:

Hello, i wanted to know if i have to fill both the federal and provincial forms or just the federal? I'm not claiming any extra tax deductions. Thank you

Eduardo Silva says:

This is an amazing tutorial. Thank you very much for your help!

Ryan Xu says:

Just moved to this country and was confused by this form sent from new employer. Thank you Debi for your clear instruction!

Bigboler says:

Very helpful, thank you

Emilie Chretien says:

If I'm a student, do I put the cost of tuition from 2018 or for the school year of September to April (2018-2019) ? Also, the tuition for the second half of the school year (January 2019 -april) is due before the end of 2018, so I'm not sure whether to include that or not

jlee222ballin says:

Super concise and to the point. Awesome video, thank you!

Hong Tran says:

Thank you so much. It is very useful. Can I have questions? In page 2, it mentions "More than one employer at the same time". What does "at the same time" mean? Does it mean "within this year"? If I am an international student, should I check "Yes" or "No" in Non-residents box?
Thank you!!

Michael Chiu says:

Excellent Video. Very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Nick says:

Thanks for making this video. Very comprehensive and easy to follow.

SAM _ says:

if i was a student in spring 2018 semester — and it's almost september 2018 right now — and i am no longer a student .. do i still fill out this section or just write 0???

Janine Pelletier says:

Is it better to put a number in box 7 or not? My spouse's employer said it might be better to put zero in this box even though I don't have a job

Lokesh Mk says:

Hi Debi,
Thanks for sharing this video. I have question regarding the 'Total Claim Amount' field in this form.

I recently landed my first job in Canada and have been asked to fill the TD1 form. Field #1 'Basic personal amount' is not editable(and is blank) and I believe this is by default considered as 11,809. The only other field applicable in my case is Field # 8 ' Amount for an eligible dependant ' which is $11,809. So, my question is should I be entering Field # 13 'Total Claim Amount ' as $ 23,618 (11,809+11,809) or just $11,809 (from field #8)?. Please advise. I'm new to Canada and this is slightly confusing and I couldn't find an answer online.

Jim Shannon on Sounds says:

As a low income pensioner my Service Canada person said I need a TD1 form from my employer but that's only filled out once. For me that was 3 years ago before I became 65. I think she means a TD1 form. I'm trying to file for gis.

Nadia Green says:

Thank you!! So helpful!!

wassim ali says:

hello , I got my permanent resident card on September 2017 , where i have stayed in Canada for 10 days only then i went back to my home country , i will be moving to Canada with my family this coming august since i found a job , how to fill the form in this case since i wil be a non resident for part of the year and a resident for the other part . appreciate your feedback

Curtis Anderson says:

thanks it helped me alot

Jae duk Seo says:

This video saved my life

Chris Johnson says:

Thanks for these wonderful tutorials Debi, you're producing some of the, if not THE best Canadian tax tutorial content on YouTube currently. Keep up the good work! Invaluable!

Ninja Please says:

Thanks! You've saved me a hell of a headache! 🙂

Aaron Sharma says:

Regarding 2 employers, you mentioned ticking off the box on page 2. Does it matter with which employer I tick this off with? I make significantly more with my first employer compared to my second employer.

dryedroses16 says:

wondering how we would know the exact amt of our future tuition? I was asked to fill TD1 in 2017. The exact amt isnt verified and it most likely would change. I need help please!

PilotGuy says:

The best explanation of a TD1 form yet! Thank You!!!

Shawn Haywood says:

Very informative and thorough explanation of TD1 Tax Return Form, thank you.

Silvia Okika says:

Thanks for this. But am still confused what to write

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