How to create your own financial plan with Paul Clitheroe

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InvestSMART Chairman Paul Clitheroe discusses with nabtrade’s Director, SMSF & Investor Behaviour Gemma Dale, the steps investors can take to set themselves up for financial success. Paul provides a step-by-step approach on how to create your own financial plan.

Creating a financial plan helps you put in writing the grand vision of how much money you need to live your life the way you want, and identify what you need to do in order to get there.

When you have a financial plan, it is easier to make decisions about your wealth, make changes and stay on track to meet your goals. Think of it like a compass to keep you on your path to financial independence.

But many of us may think that making our own financial plan involves seeking financial advice. The good news is that doesn’t need to the case, according to InvestSMART Chairman and renowned money expert Paul Clitheroe.

“Every Australian and every citizen of the planet can do most of this work themselves,” he says.

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H Man says:

Awesome video

Jarrod Nicholson says:

i hear you mention of being in control of your money. how do you feel about the MSBS super account that wont let serving or ex serving members of the defence force do what they want with their money?

Luke Szklarz says:

Smart advice

Ryno says:

MMMmmm, yea Mmmmm yep

IIAlbertII says:

Top bloke…..a fool thinks his wise man, a wise man knows if his being fool.

Edy Finance says:

very wise advise. love this talk.

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