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the thumbnail makes me look like a property agent moonlighting as an inspirational speaker L O L

pls also watch the whole video! a lot of the questions in the comments have already been addressed in the video ❤️



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I LIVE ALONE | how and why

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bae max says:

hey brenda really love this video! One important thing I find with saving money is the company you are hanging out with! Thankfully my friends are mostly okay to dine in more budget friendly options, we also don't take cabs or grabs and we don't go clubbing! These are the friends I vibe with. I have classmates who can really splurge however they want and it is kind of hard to save money if you were to constantly go to a fancy restaurant with them.


"pre-teens, john green reading" LOL

chocolatecaicai says:

I don't go restaurants often, I almost never take grab unless it's super urgent, I don't drink Starbucks, I don't go clubbing, I don't like things go to waste also I only own a few essential makeup items… why am I still so broke tho XD love your video tho!

Michaela Theodora Toh says:

What an inspiration!

sufyan ahmad says:

Awesome video, though when it comes to investments instead of Robo-investors you could consider the regular savings plans which start from 100Sgd a month.

Nur Asyura says:

wow i love this video so much. you are officially my new favourite youtuber. love your enthusiasm and vibes in each of your videos and girllll your apartment is gorgeous. a singaporean fan <333333

SiewChin Tan says:

Malaysia has kopitiam with cheap and tasty food!

redsummerwings says:

My aunt taught me a tip I've been following since I started working – save before you spend! Have 2 bank accounts – 1 just for savings (don't touch this money) and 1 for expenses. Your money will grow eventually ☺

EJAnimation says:

5-10% for savings is too little

G T says:

Hi Brenda enjoyed your video. Great money tips. Love the way you talk. Just like talking to your close friends. Gd job!!

Dg Noorfarta ag jair says:

sighs.. i'm 35 and its hard to do any saving.. will try to manage my income more properly n wisely

Jayanthi Segar says:

One the best and realistic video I’ve watched thus far! You go girl. ✌🏼

Ever Abby. H says:

I don’t usually watch Singaporean YouTuber but you are the first Brenda. Cause I find the contents you put out are really interesting and meaningful. That’s why I have been spam watching.

wen lingx says:

tbh, you're probably the ONE GOOD Singaporean YouTuber I know. no shade here but you have the most useful + humorous substance I enjoy!!

wen lingx says:

love your videos xx!!! sending love from a Singaporean living overseas.

Klinsen Soh says:

Stashaway gang~~

Grace Tan says:

Uh.. 6 dollars -> 10 dollars is not by inflation LOL. The actual value of ur money (in terms of purchasing power) is actually reduced with inflation.

NS GAMES says:

Where do you learn these advices especially the part about not selling yourself short?

Priya Raja says:

Nothing but love and respect for you!

Vampyreq says:

No idea how I stumbled here. Title got my attention as I've been researching properties for years. My comment isn't about the main topic though.
Robo investors: First time hearing about it since I manage my own investments. Sounds like a good start for people new to investing, but I'll say move away from it as soon as you're comfortable managing your own money. I don't believe in paying someone/something to manage my own money.
Looking for job: Kind of up to the individual. I spent 6 months looking for a job specific to my degree, nothing. I haphazard and found a job in an entirely unrelated field and am flourishing there now. So sometimes it's about taking the best available versus the best desired.

minjilee says:

Love this video! So frank, down to earth and clear! Props ~ and I’m like 10+ yrs older but not very money savvy. I can relate to the thrifty habits passed down from mom.

casey says:

How do I know my worth because I honestly don't think I'm worth anything

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