Financial Planning for Beginners – 50-30-20 Rule of Money

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Financial planning must be started as early as possible. Beginners (youngsters) can follow 50-30-20 rule of money and experienced can follow 40-20-40 rule of money to become rich. In this hindi video, we understand how to become rich step by step. How much money you can spend in your basic needs & wants and how much money you should save or invest?

You have multiple avenues of investing – Fixed Deposit (FD), Post Office Schemes, Provident Fund (PF), Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Real Estate, Insurance etc. But you must make financial discipline and do financial planning right at the start of your career.


Ajit Viveki Voice Actor says:

Very helpful

Minu Das says:

Excellent ! Best video I ever watched..


Pls make some video on Provisioning n transfer pricing

Rahul Kumar says:

Hlw, sir how are you please make a video on investment how many factors are available where we can invest our money make a detail video plz

aditi sharma says:

Thank u so very much sir…u really respond to comments and address the issues asked by viewers .its very helpful..hats off to ur effort n clarity of finance..u make the things look so easy

Kona Chaithanya says:

Sir enterprise velu kaisha nikalthe kisibi company kha Ak video banao sir

Dhaval Trivedi says:

Sir explain commercial papers and also explain how it is used for raising fund by NBFC and HFC

jaipal bisht says:

Mukul sir great job keep it up

Arul Annad says:

Sir I have 2 son's aged 20 and 15 ,elder on am sending him to abraid for doing MS ,need suggest how to create wealth for them so that they can start investment pl advise


Bahut khoob….//

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