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Hi DIY Fam, in this video I share fashion self employed bookkeeping tips and tricks. Get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium for the first 500 people to sign up here:

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Bookkeeping for freelancers: How to handle your finances

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Video shot with Panasonic gh3 , 15mm & 25mm Olympus lenses

Videography by Kim Dave


Kim Dave says:

I share some of my tips and tricks of how I manage my fiances as a self-employed fashion designer. One point I failed to mention was the importance of creating invoices for each client order or product, so you're able to track your income and VAT. Thanks to the sponsors of this video; SkillShare. Get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium for the first 500 people to sign up here:

Sara says:

I love your style .You are gorgeous
Big hello from Egypt.

Selena Gomez says:

Hello , l'm from kurdistan and I want to be a designer fashion , I fan you ‌ ‌ all the beast

Afor Tenye says:

How do you pay yourself when you make clothes for clients

Kareemat Bello says:

Just what I needed. Thanks alot Kim ❤

Sew with Easy By Sophiatailoring says:

Nice topic really helpful thanks for sharing

Sara El Sarta says:

Thank you ☺

Mordi Afomachukwu says:

I learnt something new. Thanks

Titilayo Wemimo says:

You have no idea how helpful this is!! You were indeed lead to do this video, Thank you so so much. Love you loads😍

cherriesnhoney says:

this video was sooo helpful. i struggle with this stuff because i like doing my job and the business part is so opposite. im self employed and have 2 different fields im working in. i havent found a good way to organize other than to combine income which for the taxman makes its a pain. how many hours a week do you spend on paperwork? i find it takes me longer than i would like. tfs

bennys designs says:

Good one again Kim. I wish I could give you a hundred thumbs up 😘😘

Jyoti Sarkar says:

Mam,l am Indian,i like your videos,can u make video of blazer for my11year son.thank u very much.

Joanne Carroll says:

Tax percentages & taxation law can vary a great deal, depending where in the world you live, how much you earn & the industry or product you work with (i.e. some things bear tax & others don't). It can really be worthwhile finding an accountant to consult or even just a tax consultant to use at tax time. They are usually more well-versed in the tax deductions that you can safely claim back & once again, depending where you live, even their fee is tax deductible.

Yahaya Jenny says:

Thank you Kimmy,i follow skillshare for almost two years now,they're really good.Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips,you're blessed….😘😍😊

Bello Enihola says:

Thanks so much the video is explainable. Will watch it all over again.

Joy okas says:

Thank you so much for this tips.. It has really helped me

Amaris Joseph says:

Thank u so much for your time I found this very helpful

nnenne e says:

This is sooo helpful thank you soo much

nnenne e says:

Early fam🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

daniela THICKMADAM stmarthe says:

This is really helpful im trying to do my own fashion business….have a question how do you estimate the cost when sewing for a client?

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