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Fake Canada Revenue Agency wants $4213.00


Shaun Beep says:

hahaha another good one wenja92 keep em coming mate all the best from the U.K 🙂

RobertNickScamBait Chandler says:

Did he have a heart attack or something there at the end?!

James Kincaid says:

it's those mistakes and miscalculations that always get you

Whatt Every says:

This is very very funny. Thanks wenja 92! 🙂

OCDTraci says:

Well damn, I know we're not supposed to care, but I wonder if the guy was alright at the end

John Taylor says:

Wow you're a better man than me .. by the time he got thru reading all that mumbo jumbo.he would hear.. snoring"Big Time"…birds tweeting…and crickets chirping…

Nigella Blum says:

Next time mention that you were convicted of impersonating a CRA officer.

DavyBoy007 says:

Another good video

flight 666 says:

damn he had a stroke

flight 666 says:

yeah in use ride too launder ur money

flight 666 says:

your a king pin

Poirot says:

I wonder what the scammer would say if you said yes to all the infractions and that you were in jail for the years in question

Poirot says:

In our country a person is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around moron,

Poirot says:

..Yes a angry swearing French Canadian would be funny. The government employees must be bilingual in Canada. Hostie de tabarnak de calice de moron

kneehowma1 says:

I'd ask this idiot if he can speak in French…..Take it from there.

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