ebay Inventory simple bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting

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eBay Accounting and Bookkeeping simplified. Tips and Techniques I use.
Adams Monthly Bookkeeping Record

Link For Electronic Dome Simplified Bookkeeping

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Miss Pet Lover says:

Always look forward to you uploads especially since I'm fairly new to eBay selling. Bookkeeping has always been a mustery to mer I'm starting this new method in April to save on time. i'll keep you up to date since I previously spent an exorbitant amount of time recording every transaction It was exhausting and time consuming. I'll let you know which method I prefer. Thank you so much for your "frank, but positive advise. Patty

Marvel Gotham says:

Very good video, however still have questions. How would you know whuch items are selling? Like let's say week one sold 55 out of 100. Next week 60 out of 100. The items left that didn't sell on the week will continue to sell so how do I know how much I paid for it and when I bought it to keep track? Which listing are from what week. I buy at flea markets and some items take longer to sell, sorry but my brain is spinning lol. The rest I get it. Any help appreciated, ty!

CTilton says:

You are so helpful…thank you so much.

V Glenn says:

Thank you so much! I started in December 2016 and would be so lost without your videos. Thanks again!

Larrys' Treasures says:

Great video thank you!

Kym Karr says:

I think you are amazing! I'm just getting started and you are the most helpful, accurate and simplified person on YouTube!!! Thank you for all your time.

00stephie00 says:

Thank you so much for this information!!! This topic has been stressing me out! I have a quick question though… with the inventory left over at the end of the month, do you just roll it over to the first entry of the next month? Thanks again! All of your videos have been extremely helpful!

Liz Schultz says:

EXCELLENT video! This is very similar to what I do. If I itemized everything I would go absolutely mental.

Sharon Beam says:

Thank you for these informative videos without all the fluff. My kind of stuff!

Kimberly Simms says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have never dealt with keeping a bookkeeping log. This has certainly made a difference for me.

Catherine Bodine says:

Thanks so much for these videos. They are very helpful. If you sell different kinds of things with very different inventory purchase prices do you need to keep track separately? Like clothes and non-clothes?

Emily Uhlmeyer says:

Can't wait for your next video! You are so motivating!

Paula marglin says:

Thanks for all the time saving tips-I think you're great!

Miriam S. says:

it looks simple enough, but I'm still confused. I like the time saving possibilities!

Coffee with Nadia says:

Fabulous video, thank you so much Ema!

Janette Lavender says:

you do such a fab job. God Bless!!!!! This is so helpful and easy.

Thrifting Life says:

Thank you! I have been doing line by line and it's getting so overwhelming and time-consuming.

Sydney Wolfe says:

Thanks for another great video Ema! A follow up question to what you showed. For the inventory that you bought but did not sell/you had not listed yet, I would guess that you would carry that over to the next month?

Robert Jones says:

Thank You for another GREAT video. I have learned so much from you that I would like to pass on some information that goes along with this video. In "Ebay Wholesale "Thrifters to Business"" I have provided a bookkeeping system that I created and use. It is simple, straightforward and FREE to you and all your viewers. I haven't made a video showing how to use and modify (if you ever need to) yet but hopefully someday I will. It can be used with eBay, Amazon and website sales. Here is a link to the "Ebay Wholesale "Thrifters to Business"" post I provided them. I hope you find it of interest and possibly even of use. One thing to note, there are two versions of the exactly same spreadsheet. One is if you use Excel and the other if for LibreOffice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275436519138381/permalink/1651484594866903/

In case your viewers can't access Thrifters to Business here are the links directly to the download site.
https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvDZpz9TMXmsbek9BT7heVavZjI is the LibreOffice version

https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvDZpz9TMXmscg9FDGguxi0ae7w is the Excel version

Angie Mash says:

Such a great video Thank you!!

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