Discussion: Estate Planning

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We stack for the future, sometimes the future hits us faster than we like. Be prepared. This is one of those things that really sucks to not have when you need it most.


Ag D says:

touching on a great subject here but being in the uk would have to look into all the different laws here but no matter what country your in you still need to plan for it thanks for sharing my friend

bems44 says:

great information ikeo.. I've been needing to get this done myself.


I will be a stacker someday
So I am saving this info !
Thanks !
Also remember for Any WILL
YOU need a Affidavit of execution.
( a person over 18 yo that is NOT related to you by blood or marriage ) They must witness you signing your will
Then they sign as a witness stating that you were of sound mind and mot coerced.
This is needed if you are not using a lawyer .

Canadian Stacker says:

thanks for the Info!!!

halfdollar1 says:

You're such a ghoul;-) Hope the smiley face shows that I am saying that in jest. It is becoming more relevant with my parents lately. As for myself, got the will and the other power of attorney documents done. Not that I care much since I am single

Kerris L Ravenhill says:

Thanks Ikeo, I'm already embroiled in executing an estate and so far I've been having far more trouble with the Banking institutions than family claims. it's past the probate process and hopeful be resolved within the year.

shiny packAGe says:

thank you for the great information. and i love the tube of libertads lol

Silver Bean Counter says:

I've seen several vids on this topic and still haven't done anything about it. Good vid as a reminder to GET IT DONE!

A.S.A says:

Excellent video and topic. I read that the Rothchild's and Rockefeller's distributed their wealth to their children while they were still alive and I think that is a good move, to see your children benefiting from your wealth while still alive.

mimaroo says:

Great video! I have to make a new will, since mine is out of date, but I keep procrastinating.

Billy Gagne says:

yeah thank you she's doing great and then she just went back in the hospital yesterday morning should a hundred and three fever so they don't know why just a matter of time you know what I mean as much as you try to prepare it still hurts but thank you again and I hope you are doing well

Billy Gagne says:

what's up ikeo that's some good advice my grandmother's back in the hospital again oh yeah she's doing good but who knows right but yeah all that planning is done when that day comes it's good to be on the ball. sorry for your losses a good video we never want that day to come but definitely does cheers brother.

ThinkVesting Gold Silver Investing says:

It's not morbid bro, it's just kick ass planning at work… Everyone passes on eventually, the smarter ones just plan ahead so that it doesn't create a huge mess. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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