Create Your Financial Plan | Financial Planning Case Study

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vidhya s says:

Kindly upload in English

Dhivya Dhivya says:

Financial planning should started only from the income, not having FD, stock etc., are taking into account.
At the age 35 yrs 40 lac asset in India, he can is from upper middle class family, will have some financial planning ideas from family

Anil Kumar P says:

Pls upload in english

Gyan G says:

Sir, nowadays no English video posted.. Pls help to share this video by English


My family income only 20k so what can i do ??

Hemant Chaudhari says:

you took an example of rich person having 20lk FD.

take a middle class example
or a person who dont have anything

nawneet patel says:

i want a suggestion..

i am doing job and have 25 lkh cash what happen if i invest this 25 lkh in swp (of approx 8 % interest) and do my all monthly expenses from this and i invest my whole salary of 30000 in equity fund of higher return than swp.

Ambar M says:

Very informative video, its a pity to see it has only 145 likes while foolish viral videos get million views, 👍 keep doing this good work

suraj kumar says:

why cant they invest in index fund min 13-15% for long turm

Sanjeev Kumar says:

Nice video 👍! Sir you have not taken into account of Term Assurance and Health Insurance, any reason for that??

Omkar Khatavkar says:

Sir you have not considered one time money required for trips, electronics, school fees, house repairs etc for next 15 years. From where he will get money for that
Also after retirement the expenses may remain same as on today as children will be start earning and have independent homes. I don't think it is required to inflate the current expenses by 30k .
Also you have not considered medical,term insurance here

dhyan chandra says:

thank u sir……jai hind

Damn Dude says:

Sir i feel you left 2 important things:
1) Insurance (Life and Health)
2) A House (i feel a house is a need and not a want, while travelling is a want and not a need but you included it in retirement)

roshninair12 says:

Thank u… it's very informative..

Athreya S says:

Emergency fund calculation is wrong, it should be 6 to 9 times of expenses rather than entire post tax salary. One is not expected to do same savings during emergencies.

Kapil Verma says:

Sir yeh 4000/ month sip kaise nikali?


I have sip for 10 years.if i want to change it to 20 how can i do it?


Sip ko increase kaise kare?

Vivek Patel says:

S naren sir is managing ICICI Prudential small cap fund since November 2018. And AUM is low , which I think is a good sign for small cap fund. So now stalwart fund manager is managing it, should we consider it for 5 year horizon ?

Shashikant Bairagi says:

Sir aapne insurance ke bare me plan nahi kiya. Yadi death ho jati he parents ki to bachche kya karenge.

Suraj Pandit says:

Mera yearly 1.5 lakhs salary hai. Mai zindagi bhar gareeb hi rahunga

Vineet Kumar says:

Elcid Investments par ke video sir.
It is my request because we can learn more by your analysis.

Chili Mili says:

Sir SIP amount kashi calculate keli ???

Vikas Awate says:

What if he will dead in middle? Life always comes with no guarantee…

Aman says:

Thank you so much Sir for this informative case study.. Sir its a humble request please also start videos on Business Model of our Indian startups like Paytm, Ola, Oyo,Byju etc. as it will help future entrepreneurs to get motivation as well as depth knowledge of how startups begin and grow and eventually prepares for an IPO for public.. As govt is now focusing on startups and MSME by launching schemes like Skill India, Start Up India etc.. it will be beneficial for many of us to learn how to start a business by our own by your easy and well-detailed explanation.. Dr.Vivek Bindra provides this knowledge and many of us like his idea to develop and grow the mindset of India from job-seekers to job creators and you can also play a major role in developing Mindset of young India to make India prosperous and job-creators thus enhancing our Nation's growth.. Thank you So much


Brilliant video

Mahesh Yadav says:

Which is the best website for detail study about stock?

Pratik Patel says:

Hello sir
My monthly portfolio are as under.
HDFC top 100- Rs. 2000
DSP Mid Cap Rs. 2000
Reliance Small Cap Rs. 2000
ICICI prudential Value Disv. Rs. 2000
ABSL 96 elss fund Rs. 7000
ICICI Debt and Equity fund Rs. 2000.
How is my portfolio. is there any plus minus require in it.
Please advise me.
Waiting for your reply. thanks and regards.

Gunita Gupta says:

sir please make a video on nism n ncfm courses

Ganesh Patil says:

You guys are doing wonderful job 🤘🤘🤘🤘📚

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