CRA to crack down on tax cheats

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Canada’s tax agency is hiring 100 more auditors and targeting four jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, to crack down on tax cheats.
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CDXX says:

except if your a high level government official or CEO of some company… then you can cheat on your taxes all you want.

Ja Ja says:

they go after Morneau not some poor schmuck who owes peanuts compared to what the rich avoid.

Maureen Neilson-Sewell says:

why is CRA only hiring 100 auditors when they have been given 1 billion dollars to recap 25 billion???????????? How much are each of these auditors (friends of trudeau) getting paid of the 1 billion? they must be well paid!

Xaffanum Abaash says:

Cracking down on tax AVOIDANCE schemes? of course, can't have people legally avoiding paying taxes can we?

Xaffanum Abaash says:

Of course this system of tax evasion can not be tolerated! look at that woman! that public sector slob has no other useful skills than helping the CRA shake down productive members of society. Please…think of the useless and pay your taxes like good little slaves.

Thank you.

Lumby1 says:

It's OK as long as you don't create or promote these scams? How about just enabling?

Lumby1 says:

Cracking down on the 'partners' who took them to fancy lunches? I'll have to see that!

Malcolm Swoboda says:

I don't trust anything about this, but RESULTS.

Garry S says:

Nothing will change. They will go after the low hanging fruit like the waitress for her undeclared tips, the lawn care guy working for cash and anyone who can not afford to fight back.Nothing will happen to the big fish : way to much work involved.

denny loverin says:

Maybe Canada should print its own money.

wondereagle says:

They will spend our $500 million going after the average tax payer. Politicians can't go after the people who paid for their election campaign….the corps and 1%. Same old story.

apagoogoo says:

i'm self-employed. it would be perfectly legal for me to set up a company in bermuda and become a low-wage employee of that company. its profits would be tax-free. the only thing holding me back is my cosnscience. but i'm looking into holding my tax payments in escrow until i'm satisfied that everyone's paying their fair share.

Keatrith Amakiir says:

Why do the worst offenders get no punishment if they just pay what they owe?! Regular citizens don't get that kind of breaks, what's with the 2-tiered system? We aren't the USA, corps and the rich are not a better class of citizen here!!

Osiris Malkovich says:

Good start.

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