CRA Scammer TROLLED – CRA Scam Canada 2018 ๐Ÿ˜‚ – CRA Scam Prank Call

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The other day my family got a call from fake Canada Revenue Agency aka CRA, so I decided to call back and ask them some important questions… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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Deeksha A says:

God that was awesome..Sabji killed it

RAM City says:

The scammers are probably one of his family members

Crux says:

why is this joker shirtless

Nissen Nordpolen says:

Haha, you're fun – but try to waste the scammers time some more before you start mocking them. Let them beleive their going to close a deal or fullfill a scam.

Charlie Rae says:

They called me and I lied and said I was a single mother of 4 with one on the way, and that I was on welfare and they owed me money because another one was on the way. I said I don't pay taxed, and they pay for me instead, so they should owe me money. The guy seemed really sad about my story because I got all whiney about it. I said the father left me and doesn't pay child support, and I was dependant on the Government and they needed to reopen my files to grant me a larger house. He said he'd do that for me and wished me well. LOL!!!!

Kennedy Wong says:

Ask him if he want to smell my hairy curry shit ass? Tell him I wipe my hairy ass with 2 big 12" inch nan. Ask him he like to smell and lick my balk sack that have not wash for 1 month that include my wet semen under wear. God it smell like pig sh*t. Uhhmmm

J Tudhope says:

THese guys are great. I want to do this now.

arman khan says:

poor indian Scammer

teddy mills says:

These boys are hilarious. Like the F.NASA shirt.

William Acer says:

These people are sitting in India. India Government is happy the dollars are coming in. Canada should close their Embassy in India immediately, only then India Government will react. keep Canada clean, STOP THESE COWARD CRIMINALS COMING TO CANADA.

Riko Rocket says:

Yoo do more of these xD

davitofarito says:

How about a shirt next time Yasser?

seahunter75 says:

Just got a call from the "canada revenue agency" 1-289-275-0943 have fun

Geronimo Indian says:

He's a uncle tom lol

Ferenc Schneman says:

another number: 778 730 1090

Adam Dicy says:

This video was funny as shit. "My boyfriend put his dick in my ass" fucking genius.

rodney webster says:

but you guys were not decent…come can behave and talk decent… is not a good video..

rodney webster says:

I believe it is Pakistani… trust me…

Siva Canjeevaram says:

I got the call today. called back and spoke in Hindi. He got it.
I trolled him . I am an Indian too. Please spread the awareness and kill these Indian scammers

Hansen RJ says:

I called them back 75 times until they blocked me

GSDmom B says:

I have been getting them constantly. And I call back and play head games with them. Hahaa

Just a suggestion, play along with them. Don't say stupid things like you have been. Watch other videos ๐Ÿ˜‰

floare fp says: MALE SCAMMER (shows ONTARIO, on caller ID) +1226-215-4159 in English WOMAN SCAMMER – CLAIMING CRA officer – phone number of scammer +1604664-4444 in English…. Chinese scammer messages too.

Mona B says:

If your going to do it then don't act like an idiot.

Just play along with them

Braylen Sutherland says:

If you say to the scammer "This is Officer (name and last name)" they just hang up

Mil Lubnikow says:

You should have pretended gullible at first,and then start trolling the guy if he threatened you

Harley Quinn says:

Hahaha, brilliant.

darkrose1289 says:

Please try
1800 222 080 & 778 734 2907

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