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I am not calling the real CANADA REVENUE AGENCY nor am I trying to make fun of the CANADA REVENUE AGENCY. Beware of this scam, the CRA will never contact you via voicemail.


CowboySamurai says:

I mean u r very desirable for us Indians now becoz 1st u r very beautiful and white and can sing in indian languages perfect foreigner 👰, but ya i totally think people should not call u like that, u should have called the police actually (btw u r looking very beautiful with those ear rings)be safe

Ashutosh Sahoo says:

Wanna ask u why r u interested in Tamil????

venkat ramani says:

Hai this venkat am from India tamilnadu will you marry me???

Humair sidd says:

Hello pretty

Seenesh Kumar says:

I am from India

Dhineshwer. K.S. says:

Beautiful and I can't take my eyes

StarLite says:

Under Voicemail options some voicemail systems allow you to call direct to voicemail… it works well if you dont want to speak to the person. Cell fones do it too.

Pride Kiran Padayatchi says:

I think I'm also want to make prank call to you
So how are you #aryR.

Azhagana Sinra says:

I love to your song and voice

Vinay kumar says:

Hey , I like your video and I am from India.

arun raj says:

Long time no see

shubhajit mondal says:

Come baby come…..

Robots Talk says:

Hi ! I'm the "i like your american voice guy " commenter from the other video. On this channel is some of my work ( not all ) , please dm me if you're interested in collabing ^^.

Soumyajit Sinha Roy says:

Where have u been for so long and when can we have more songs from you?.. just loved them.

Hossein Pishyar says:

Loool! 😂

Natraja Moorthy says:


Abhijeet says:

ur so beautiful thats why they prank u..😏i m urs.. 😉 dont mind!😎😝
@2:51 😂😂😂😋

Kevin Nowjee says:

Sounds indian to me

Sunil Kamble says:

We are waiting for your new Hindi songs…. I would like to hear a beautiful song "Do pal ka khawabo ka karava" for film" Veer Zara"

Eswaran eswaran says:

Hahahhahaahahaha that's so creepy😂🤣

Vasanth Vlogger says:

Thanks for sharing

Awosome videos says:

You marry me

ChainL!nkz says:

Haha! Ty for this. Nice chuckle in the morning xD

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