CRA Scam Calls 2017 – Scammer Says There’s A Warrant For My Arrest

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These geniuses called me and left a message claiming that there was a warrant for my arrest due to tax fraud so I called them back to see what’s gucci. They tell me that I can’t pay I will be arrested for 5 days and then in court on the 6th day. Damn, that’s like how God built the Earth. I guess I get Sunday off too. After that the say that in order for me to jail, I would have to get some tax paying vouchers that I can get from, Shopper’s Drug Mart. Listen for yourself and watch what happens at the end when I tell her and I’m at the border of India and Pakistan and ask her if I should cross over to Pakistan because I heard that their country was better. Instant disconnect!


Piontro Pechetrini says:

So she keeps saying that she will ask Shiva if it can help the guy to resolve the problem.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

The CRA Will NEVER, NEVER Call you, they use the mail, a letter to be specific. if you don't pay they will charge you interests and if next year you get a refund, they will take what you owe them from the refund. The last resource and if you don't pay, they can take it from your bank account, but that is the last thing the CRA will do.

Inspired By Inspire says:

This is great. I just spoke to these clowns. I also have it on YouTube video

T8PolestarCyan says:

"Parlez-vous français?"

Shall we take that to the next level? đŸ˜‰

L.Dot. M. says:

They all sound the same.Scripts and voices.
Lawyers,Higher AuthoritiesđŸ˜‚

Piontro Pechetrini says:

In Canada if you did your taxes wrong and made a miscalculation, the Government will send you a Letter Not a Phone Call, the letter will tell you how much you owe and that you can make payment arrangements. Like they did with me. I owe them some money and I'm paying them through a bank. That is how the CRA works. These Indian CUNTS are Stupid think that this guy believes them.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

Why the Hell they asked if you have a ""Pan"" and Paper with you, why do you need a PAN???

Urethra Grundle says:

I've done 45 pranks calls on these fuckers. Now they blocked my number. đŸ–’

Jo C says:

Did anyone receive fraud scam call claiming from CRA from 1 (888) 340-0853 ?

I'm right you're wrong says:

I remember when the cop was reading me my revocation papers he said "the more you interrupt me the longer you stay in that cell, so you want me to finish? " I said "yes sir, I'll shut up".

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