Converting our financial goals to a financial plan | Financial Planning Series

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Converting our financial goals to a financial plan | Financial Planning Series

This is the last step in whole Financial Planning Process. Once we have identified our Current financial Status, Financial Goals and Investment Options, the next steps is to put everything together in a Financial Plan. Financial Plan is typically divided into four categories:
1. Contingency Fund – Your emergency Fund
2. Insurance Needs
3. Short Term Goals Plan
4. Medium and Long Term Goals Plan

We have discussed each category in detail in the video with the example of two investor – Parul and Puneet.

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Rajan Khairnar says:

What is a different between Money market & Debt fund? I have checked on crisil website there is money market & debt funds return showing nearby 6.75 & 9.00 respectively. Are both same type funds as per risk parameters?

coin H says:

Vv Good Content. Keep up the good Work Plz

Devang Tank says:

Awesome content. This series of financial planning has really enpowered me to learn more about investing and implement it very soon. Please keep uploading such fantastic videos.

Madhuri Patil says:

Very useful video.

Yadnya Investment Academy says:

thanks a lot Rakesh for your kind words. You can write to us on for any personal advise you want.

Rakesh Badgujar says:

hiiii… really liked your videos..have seen all of them..can you give personal advices????

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