Clarence Foster & The Internal Revenue Service – Talkin’ Up Yourself Parts I&II [Admiral Wilson]

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Clarence Foster & The Internal Revenue Service – Talkin’ Up Yourself Parts I&II
Admiral Wilson Records # AWR-002. Released in 2015.
Clarence Foster and the Internal Revenue Service are back! Their first record in a while is the funk track ‘Talkin up Yourself’, broken into Parts 1 (Vocal) and 2 (Mostly Instrumental). Both sides included in this video. Massive drums start this tune with a bang – a wicked breakbeat that makes us love the tune, even before the other elements fall into place! Vocals from Clarence Foster are almost a conversational approach to funk – called out in a Godfather mode, but almost with the more expressive quality of older rhymes from the pre-hip hop era, like work by the Last Poets – but a lot funkier, too! Recorded at Audiolux Studios, Philadelphia, PA. and released as a second single on Big Pimp Jones private label “Admiral Wilson” – pressed on a cool purple vinyl. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45’s collection.

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Riccardo Felony says:

whoaaw ??! what an fucking extreme hard instrumental!

Dee Construct says:

That fucking drum break at the start! Pardon my French but shit! Now to find a copy of this bad boy. Thanks for turning me on to this!

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