It’s sad … that this is what accountancy does to people .. the only way that we can fight this terrible, debilitating social disease is …
Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg Go Winnipeg Go! (I just wanted to say that … I enjoyed watching these CFL playoff games these past two weekends and look forward to next week’s Grey Cup game in Toronto. Kick-off is 5pm CST (6pm EST local time)
I Can Watch TV On My Computer For the past couple of months, as a beta tester for Joost (Note 1), formerly the Venice Project, I have been tossing my 5 invitations available to me into the pool with Tony Hung of Deep Jive Interests who had been randomly selecting email addresses out of his comments. For May, they practically have given everybody 999 new invites, so it’s pretty much unlimited now. Well, Cody Dean has pretty much taken care of all of Tony’s reader’s request 🙂 so I thought I would just put it out here for anybody that [More]
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