Canadian MoneySaver webinar with Eileen Reppenhagen, Tax Detective

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Tax is a Family Affair
0:36 Agenda
1:55 CRA now regulating tax preparers
14:11 Who’s related and can you claim them?
17:52 RC56 Marital Status Changes
20:29 Sample tax return
23:34 TD1 Personal Tax Credits
35:02 Line 330 Which medical expenses are eligible
40:22 Disability Tax Credit


A Mod Cloud says:

Very Good Webinar and very minute delivers good information. I learned a lot about the dependent claims among other things. You mentioned about dividend and capital gains being covered in another webinar. Looking forward to the part II and investment income.

Jacqueline Michaud says:

If you want to make sure you receive all you are entitled to on your tax return, this is a must see webinar …even if you do not complete your tax return personally.  I learned so much  about tax credits and the information you must check to protect your identity and your tax refund, for example.   I found out I was missing out on a lot of medical expenses I didn't even know I could claim.

 Thank you Eileen for the most informative presentation.  Looking forward to part 2.

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