Canadian Family Trusts Made Simple

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DISCLAIMER: This video was created by staff in a law firm, not the lawyer himself – it should not be taken for professional legal advice. The video was also made shortly before substantial changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act and has not been updated. Some information may now be inaccurate or out of date.


Izzy Irons says:

Great video!!!

k johnson says:

Does this only work for blood family? i want to set up something for my God children.

whisperingsage says:

What state requires you to dismantle your trust in 10 years? The IRS is not a government institution, it's part of the cartel the Federal Reserve.

Lindsay Burt says:

good day , i need some advice my husband grandfather passed away a few years ago and left the 3 sisters as beneficiary of the house , the house is in a trust , so my husband mother passed away 2 years ago who was 1 of the beneficiary , my husband wanted to know if he can be added to the trust and falls in his mothers place , what is his steps to proceed , because we are currently living in the house for 9 years and 1 of the beneficiary gave us notice that we need to leave the house , can she do that and what is our options , kindly assist with advice .

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