CANADA REVENUE CALLS ME!! So I call them Back!!!!

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Getting tired of these threatening to get arrested calls. So, I called them back and had some fun!! Enjoy!


Bella Sand says:

Why did you pick up did you even know that it was a scammer

Rachel Scott says:

Oh my goodness, thank you.

JenG593 says:

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚shear brilliance!!

Kathleen Jimenez says:

OMG!! This is hilarious!! You are so talented. You truly sound like an old woman

Saidatul Saadiah Mohd Zain says:

That is not Nigerian voice though… it is more like an Indian voice though

Piontro Pechetrini says:

At 84 she wont be put in Jail. Those Curry Stinking East Indians are a parasites.

Piontro Pechetrini says:

Claudia Vanculo hahahahaha Culo means ass in Spanish. you should have said Fanculo, that is Italian for a bad word.

biotechemboy says:

Nice work! Amazing grandma voice act :))

VT Zdorovetskiy says:

Im making pasta in an hour, how long is this going to take? LOLOLOLOLOLOL Relatable

Mehdi Chainane says:

7:15 that moment he knew he fucked up

J Martin says:

"Did I win something!?" hahah, nice.

Carol Weaver says:

Thanks for wasting their time

Jenjen Sawyer says:

You are the best dwl

Niles Normore says:

As soon as they fell for you telling them the wrong name The scam was over. Good Job. Tell them you just got a letter from CRA telling you you got money coming. BS both ways. He didn't even know who he was calling. Ya I think the cops are here now. That was fast.

David Hopkins says:

Great job wasting this foreigner's time. No IRS agency English or Canadian will ever call you.

Sayan Kul says:

ahahahhaha you are awesome i like the last part… when is Canada's birthday …….? hang up hahhaha .

HazelEyes42 says:

LMAO that was funny …lol Every Canadian knows when Canada's Birthday is..

Don Gibson says:

Sending the RCMP to arrest you lol! These wogs are hilarious!

J B says:

I was getting these calls to my Mom's I couldn't play the game as great as this

Denis Nadeau says:

Too funny. Awesome

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