Canada Revenue Agency – Trying To Make Most Canadian's Criminals!!!

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Dave and Mike from 2 Average Dudes discuss the Canada Revenue Agency’s new tactic to use the proceeds of crime provisions to freeze assets to collect tax dollars. Check out what Dave and Mike have to say to this!!!!

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Morelli Khast says:

How about fucked over all Canadians and gave all their money away to foreign entities. Hey little truth Canadians, you are slaves to the whims of elites. simple as that

Morelli Khast says:

Pretty sure that Trudeau was named in the panama papers. Tax evasion. Its a shakedown

Morelli Khast says:

what if you have nothing?

Morelli Khast says:

we don't have to do shit ever. If you don't have any money because you needed your money to live

Mustang Daver says:

That, was awesome

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