Canada Revenue Agency Scammers

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Dina Gromova says:

I liked the idea of riding a donkey on a highway! ))))

NoPCsHere says:

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You owned that scammer!!! Not to mention you wasted enough of his time to make sure he couldn't scam anyone else. What a fucking tool.

Thug Funny says:

Benjamin Gwaint had a pretty convincing accent

Robert Esparza says:

I like your style Mahmoud! I agree! F*ck those donkey riding, goat molesting asshole Indian scammers!!

Ismail Ali says:

Good trolling.😀😀😀👏👏👏

Francine The Scammer Slayer says:

Great Call Mahmoud Thanks for being in the fight against the scammers 🙂

Tarek Sabry says:

Looooooooool mikha2eel like middle eastern Michael

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