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Mariana got a call from the CRA and they explained that she was about to get arrested but accidentally hung up. So I called back and started going along with whatever bullshit the guy wanted and this was the outcome..


Scam Assassin says:

These idiots are in India. They have big call centers that scam Americans and Canadians with many types of scams. They use MagicJack VoIP internet phone boxes, so they can ‘spoof’ any number they want onto your caller ID. Obviously their English sucks. They want you to pay with gift cards because they are untraceable when they resell them. There’s an Army of Scam Baiters who call and waste these scammers time. You actually just made your first Scam baiting video! Great job! Just don’t use your cell phone next time! Lol. (Search Joe Scambait, Alogical, wenja92, etc if you want to learn more about scams and Scam baiting) PS: I forgot, in Canada, they try to get their victims to deposit money into Bitcoin machines. Usually in smoke shops

Mariana Urrutia says:

haha this is hilarious ;p

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