Black Woman Assaults Old Asian Lady, Shouts Racist Comments

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Video from social media, uploading here to raise awareness.
One post describes the situation as:
“But if I understand correctly, the lady is very upset that someone stood up for the elderly Chinese lady but not the daughters. What I think happened is the girls were sharing a seat next to someone who then got up to give the elderly woman their seat. The girls then slid over so they could each have the own seat and the elderly woman moved them back to sharing a seat and the fireworks happened.”

You won’t believe the jokes people make about accountants 😛



dante144 says:

That lady is like a devil! Possessed or something. Poor kids!


In the end, I'm really impressed by how calm the old lady was. Then again, she might just been too terrified to do anything.


Not surprised honestly. Asians get this shit all the time, America(ns) just like to ignore it. Because people are still hung up on the idea that Asians are a "model minority" and never get discrimination. Asians are honestly never brought up in the topic of racism, and most (American) Asians are afraid to bring it up, because we are always told to shut up or that it "isn't as bad". And whenever we are 'included', we are just shoved into the 'brown people' category, which let's be honest, they are just talking about black people. I always see racist comments being thrown against Asians, and they never get called out on it. Especially if they are black because people still think black people can't be racist, and they get excused because "but Asians are all racist too!!!!!". Can't wait til we are not ignored anymore. I'll probably die before then though.

Hui Tin says:

I see this as assault, since this is in youtube, this need to be submitted to the NYPD. Please tweet that to @NYPDTransit, maybe they can arrest her for assault.

Yimei Liu says:

Calm your ass down

A***** CK says:

How dare that monster do that to a old lady😡😡😡

Riki Patel says:

Why are black people perpetuating this "clap your hands during an argument" thing? I never want to see that shit ever again.

SM Tengjy says:

Oh my fucking goodness.
You stupid fat probably unemployed cunt. You are spanish as well bitch, dafuq.

This is the perfect counterindication for Feminism, this is a female fat minorityand shes racist towards an asian woman but probably criesssss if someone says stuff like "damn mexican"

If i had been there and had her seen spit that poor ol´ woman in her face, i´d gladly be in jail for battery 🙂

Shinji D says:

Good way to raise criminals. The kids wont grow up with a bright future

Kevin Down says:

That's a man, baby…

HedRooD says:

why black she's spanish what da hell

Justin Jones says:

Meanwhile a white dude was charged with a hate crime for calling a girl a monkey and saying she doesn't know who her dad is…..meanwhile black people can assult and be racist as they'd like with no repercussions

djpocky says:

The type I hate the most: ugly, fat, rude, poor, ugly, evil, wrinkley, no manners, ugly, wait did I say ugly already, oh yeah ugly, and one more time ugly, what's that? SO UGLY I WANT TO PUKE

Haneul Song says:

damn.. what a black priviledge lol

lala baek says:

i wonder if she has arrested yet?

ka mi says:


Gladys Colon says:

And they still wonder why they are not liked. This is the perfect example why.

Jason L says:

Trump was right on his animals comment. This is one of them

ria says:

I really REALLY hope karma gets her back soon! You get the seat if you deserve it and from what it looks like the seat was clearly given to the old lady not her kids. If she really wants her kids to have it, why can't she give it up


Wow. Fucking pathetic! Most Blacks are the worst entitled cry babies of the earth. Wtf did race have to do with it. No wonder why black kids are the way they are! Regardless of race, meaning if the elderly lady was a black white Asian so on, as im Asian…. if I was there I woulda beat that dumb ass bitch like a dude… An for whoever that got that cow pregnant In the first place… Kekekkeke Ima stop there…… Why isn't the media showing these blacks going dumb? I hope she looses her kids to cps and gets locked up!! I mean she better..

NextStopPrevious says:

Did she just say in the beginning that the man didn't get up for her and her daughter because they are black??

isn't it because they are young??

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