[BK Biz] 7 things you should know before starting a bookkeeping business

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In this series, I share my wins and struggles in running my own cloud bookkeeping business – hopefully cutting months and years off your journey trying to figures things out.

Think of me as your virtual bookkeeping mentor.


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J BellaBella says:

Thank you so much for your videos! I am trying to start learning bookkeeping to hopefully start my own home business. I have been taking the Lynda 17hr course online for bookkeeping. Can you list the software you use? I see that you use the Quick Books on the Cloud….thanks! I will watch all your videos!!!

Christine C says:

Great video. I was wondering who pays for the bookkeeping software, the bookkeeper or the client? I've done it both ways and have never really been sure. Thanks.

Ron H. says:

Hi l am interested, I been studying bookkeeping accounting

Ahava Tax Service says:

Thanks for the info. I appreciate you taking time out to share this valuable information. I am in my first year of providing bookkeeping services and find that everything you said in the video to be true.

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