Big 4 Accounting – Is it done yet?

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Based on a true story. After working long hours to complete a tax project, is there any love for staff? Hell no!


Mama Harper says:

I'm not gonna sit around here and look out for airplanes LMAOO!

Flegan777 says:

Stupid supervisor needs to clean the shit out of his ears and fuck off. I bet if the poor accountant died, that dumbshit supervisor would ask his corpse if the calculation is done yet.

Curtis I says:

LOL "so your just fucked"

214kingp1 says:

lol!!! i will allow you to get two toppingsĀ 

P3NZ01L says:

Funniest video I've seen in a while

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

"Just push a button." If only accounting could be that easy.

Lucy Yeh says:

I shit on jesus

Ariel Rochman says:

hahaha love when the anime dude swears, "are you fucking kidding me?"

MrLCLM says:

It's true of every public firm

Cam Noble says:

"… but we need to give a number to the client" – so true of Big 4 firms

Masud Ur Rehman says:

Thumbs Up !!!!!!!!

Masud Ur Rehman says:

Awesome Movies Man !!!!!!!!! Awesome i have also been through the same things in mine BIG Four…….

mulie2000 says:

amazingly true at PwC…Senior rode me until the last cent was punched in

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