As IRS workers return, expect changes to your upcoming tax return

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The Internal Revenue Service recalled another 38,000 workers on Thursday to help process tax returns, despite the government shutdown, when tax season begins Jan. 28.


Jeanie Scheirer says:

what does this mean: reference number 1121 to the IRS

Mr2587838 says:

Getting 3k less this year😢.

Debbie Martin says:

I'm hearing people making 24k filing 0 single 0 children use to at least see a 700 return are now having to pay 800 to 1000 in taxes under Trumps Tax plan

Mia DoubleZeroSeven says:

People are going to be in for a RUDE awakening. Some that used to receive a refund will owe the IRS. The “tax reform” was nothing but a smash & grab robbery.

Whizz 920 says:

Fuck u pussu

isaac wiirre says:

Fund the wall..

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