I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of wikipedia.org ~ YET ~ but one day! Some day! lol) To familiarize yourself with HART’s Tickmark Terminology, I have replicated my favorite tickmarks and scanned them and provided a little example how I would use that tickmark. Now, I will elaborate further [More]
You can watch this all all of HART’s Hangouts on … http://1800HART.tv .. http://gplus.to/1800HART PS … yes! that was technical difficulties 6:48 to 19:34 ….. I accidentally clicked the mute button on the microphone while dickering around talking to myself, and never noticed. This is what you missed: 1) talking about how I keep track of my timesheets 2) showing my http://flickr.com/PetLvr account and my dogs! 3) While I was there I showed HART’s Famous Chili Recipe photos 😛
Bookkeeping Source Documents provide proof and documentation that a transaction has occurred. Examples of source documents include checks, supplier invoices, customer invoices, bank statements, contracts, payroll records, sales orders, purchase orders, and receiving reports. In a nutshell, my site Bean Counter is primarily an accounting educational and training site that offers free beginning bookkeeping and accounting tutorials, courses, exams, tests, quizzes, and games with a dose of humor injected. – See more at: http://www.dwmbeancounter.com
I will be giving you the generalized version, but here is the thing with Canada Revenue Agency and if you owe Income Taxes: Unless you make less than you did in the following year .. you are required to remit at least the amount you owed in the previous year – in advance – as instalments for the current and future taxation year. If you end up owing MORE taxes next year, than you did last year .. you are only required to remit up to the amount you owed last year. If you end up owing LESS taxes next [More]
http://1800HART.tv for all HART’s Google Hangouts …. http://gplus.to/1800HART I seeemed to have received and also purchased lots of goodies that I wanted to share with the world .. however, only in the Google Hangout! These toys are mine!!
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http://www.painlessfinancialtraininggroup.ca/ For the 2017 filing season, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is providing a new service. It is called express Notice of Assessment (NOA). This is a document that you receive from CRA once your return has been filed. In the past it has arrived in the mail, a few weeks after your return was accepted. This year the NOA will be available in your tax software immediately after you file and will not be mailed to you. To use the Express NOA service you must be registered with My Account, be registered for online mail and be using Netfile – [More]
Here is Owen from The Bookkeeping Department with his Friday Bookkeeping Tip
In this QuickBooks Online tutorial you’ll learn how to record and print checks along with: – Record checks I wrote by hand – Print checks directly from QuickBooks – Record a batch of checks and print them all at once Watch more Quickbooks Online step-by-step tutorials to learn all the QuickBooks tips and tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVxBmyedTVhRfhMNW-Uf2nsHJmBDxO4eH #QuickBooks #Entrepreneur #tutorial #QuickBooksOnline Start for free at QuickBooks.com. https://goo.gl/ctQRCV Subscribe for more QuickBooks! https://goo.gl/jY1fyz Run your whole business better with QuickBooks. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Visit QuickBooks.com for [More]
WE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW! I went to the IRS office to conduct a 1st amendment audit where I was EXTREMELY impressed with the gentleman that helped me. He automatically noticed I was video recording and was super nice about it! EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN FROM HIM. PASS! PASS! PASS! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hello Friends, In this video we will solve the questions based on problem set 4B. Problem set 4B Q. 6 to Q.12 The question are based on the GST and the brokerage rate of share some questions are very good they are star type questions for hots questions which are very important from the exam point of view. Please watch and learn the concept so that you will be able to solve all question of these type. Also watch the following videos which are available on our channel so that you will be very good in maths because the theme [More]
5 Ways To Distribute Your Trust Assets To Your Kids A question I often get from clients is “how should I distribute my assets to my kids via my trust when I die?” I thought everyone might want to know about the different options so here we go with this week’s episode of Estate Planning TV. To begin, there are essentially 5 ways you can distribute your trust assets to your kids. Let’s just run down them. 1. Distribute Outright. The easiest option is to just cut your kids a check when you die. You have avoided probate with the [More]
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In order to save money and stop spending uncontrollably, a person needs to set up a budget so he can gain a better understanding of how much money they have to spend. Gain a better understanding of where an individual’s income is going with help from a financial services specialist in this free video on saving money. Expert: William Rae Contact: www.hbwfl.com Bio: William Rae has been licensed in the insurance and financial fields for over 30 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
http://www.RayHigdon.com For More Information and Resources: Passive income – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_income Pa…
Susan Fincher-Stoll with Harrison Pensa LLP Western Fair District Farm Show Farms.com.
GST used to be boring, then I called the Canada Revenue agency and Mr. GST made sense of it all for me.
When you walk into an ice cream store, they let you try the flavor before you order a big scoop of it. You know exactly what you are buying, before you hand …
Just as the title says, if you are struggling with doing your books or paying an accountant this is a simple and easy way to do them. this is 100% real you c…
In this episode of “Your Money, Your Wealth”, Joe and Al give you key retirement saving strategies for your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. As you grow older, your financial situation and life needs change. Understand the importance of saving for retirement and the steps you should be taking depending on where you are in life. 1:37 “57% of Workers have less than $25,000 saved for retirement” (Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute) 3:55 “It behooves you to start as early as you can, because that way the compound of money is going to work the best for you” 4:31 “Max [More]
An online seminar for California residents that outlines the various planning options available for estate planning, incapacity planning, and planning for the transfer of family wealth. The presentation discusses the effects of no planning, planning using a Will only, using beneficiary designations, using joint tenancy ownership, and the use of living trust planning. Discusses Probate in California, including the costs, time delays, and public nature.
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