3 Fundamentals of Investing | Financial Planning by Yadnya

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The 3 fundamentals are:
1. Start early
2. Invest regularly
3. Choose the right investment vehicle.

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Wilfred Monteiro says:

Excellent video… Thank you, Sir

Neeraj Gowda says:

@the end of the video you said keep reviewing the investment periodically.
1. How to know it's out of track or not?
2. What to do if it's out of track?

Aditya Varma says:

Hi Team Yadnya, any plans on comparison of top bluechip funds ? Recently learnt that principal emerging bluechip fund seems to be performing extremely well. Ur thoughts ?
BTW, received ur first book – 108 Q&A on MF & SIP. Gone through few pages .. very simple to understand n very informative.. ur videos have actually helped to understand the terminologies in the book easily. Thank you

powprashant says:

Now I am tempted to buy Wipro shares 😀 (just kidding), very nice motivating video ! I have been sharing most of these with my friends and family.

Does the new book introduces both of the lovely Yadnya Investment Academy presenters, I might buy it just for this , since curiosity is killing 🙂

Raghu Shet says:

Good description

Sagar V Rane says:

Khup ch chhan !

Darveez Ahmad says:

can u guys pls make one video about kotak nifty etf..

Rahul Patil Canara Bank says:

Thankss once again

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