10 Most Overlooked IRS Tax Deductions : Understanding Personal Finances

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The 10 most overlooked IRS tax deductions include ones for home offices and more. Learn about the 10 most overlooked IRS tax deductions with help from a passionate personal finance expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Kem Washington
Contact: www.kemberley.com
Bio: Passionate about educating and writing, Kem Washington is a certified public accountant and business professor at Dillard University.
Filmmaker: Max Cusimano

Series Description: If there is one area of your life that you absolutely want to make sure that you have under control, it is your personal finances. Get tips on understanding personal finances with help from a passionate personal finance expert in this free video series.


Presidential Suite says:

Just started studying taxes. This year taxes for 2017-2026 there's alot of suspensions until 2026. Also the AGIs went up as well. So be sure if you do taxes you really look into the new laws and alot of deductions are no longer available.

DamallaX says:

I understand this video was recorded back in 2013. Moving expenses and some other expenses have been suspended this year onward.
Overall good tips.

Must Bow says:

Thanks for sharing. Your skin is beautiful!

E. Bad says:

I thought it was something I didn't know already.

Patti Morris says:

I know uniforms and shoes for work are a deduction.

Brazilian-Lady says:

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Helena Kennedy says:

Great Tips thx!!

Donna says:

Thanks for the great info – subbed! 🙂

se7ensnakes says:

There is a big secret kept from the CPA. When you attend accounting school they don't really teach you certain vital things.

johnhodges05221981 says:

gorgeous and smart

Jack Spratt says:

How about  my sister stealing $ 15 K from me?

Elohim Shinning says:

You a fine beatiful Ebony Queen

eyeswideopen woke says:

I smoked a blunt to this shit and did my own taxes and I'm getting a million dollars back

Alexander Voltaire says:

Why has that Georgia person not made a video on how to get a fat tax refund? After all she almost put a stunt by getting a $94 million tax return. If she almost managed to loot the robbers I am certain she could teach us how to get a juicy tax refund too. Of course she ended going to jail. We need heroes like that.
Brigitte Jackson thought she was getting a whopping $94 million tax refund.
I guess the sheep don’t know there wasn’t an IRS during the so called founding fathers era nor there was a Jew established bank, known as the private bank of the Federal Reserve.

Pete sumthin says:

Man you sound like an IRS commercial.. "feel free to go to irs.gov. blah blah blah.. did they sponsor you? I thought you said former agent

Reliance Tax Group says:

Great tax tips!

Marshall Brown says:

I'll save you some time:

1) Bad debt expense: If you are owed money and are not going to receive it, you may be able to write this off.
2) Traditional IRA Contributions: Whether you can take this deduction depends on if you have a retirement plan at work or not. You WILL have to pay taxes on when you take it out though.
3) Moving expenses for work: must be 50 miles away
4) Charity Donations: you can deduct money and services/goods, as well as the related miles you drove
5) American Opportunity Credit: refundable credit of $2500 for four years of high education if you qualify
6) Student Loan Interest Deduction: can deduct interest payments up to $2500
7) Unemployment expenses: can deduct business cards, resume costs, etc to find a new job
8) Child Care Deduction: If under age 12, you can pay an outside party to take care of your kids and deduct that amount
9) Child Tax Credit: if child is under 17, can you deduct $1000 for each kid
10) Earned Income Credit: if you are a low income earner and have qualifying children, you can take this credit on your tax return.

Marshall Brown says:

Is there a website I can go to to learn more about these deductions?

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