Make sure you pop on over to for more jewelry business tips and advice. Does accounting and bookkeeping in your jewelry business want to make you cringe? I know the feeling! It used to make me totally cringe too but then I started to love to look at my numbers. The time is now to gain more clarity on your accounting for your jewelry business. Today, I chat with Mariel Heart of I always love hearing Mariel’s down to earth, simple advice. The coolest part about Mariel is that not only is she an accountant but she is [More]
Get professional income tax preparation with Robert A. Woloshen CPA, PC. With over 36 years of experience, we’ll prepare your taxes and maximize your money! Visit About Robert A. Woloshen CPA, PC: It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep! When you work with Robert A. Woloshen CPA, PC, you’ll never have to worry about the mundane and confusing details of accounting or filing for income taxes. Whether you’re a small business or an individual, leave the difficult number crunching to us so you can enjoy the better parts of life. For more information, call 212-843-3486 or visit [More]
Income Tax Preparation in QuickBooks
Hey, decided to smash these phony Canada Revenue Agency scammers ALL day. Enjoy! Follow me: Twitter ▶ reddit ▶ Patreon ▶ Facebook ▶ Instagram ▶ The scam: An agent claiming to be from the CRA will call and threaten you with jail or court charges for unpaid taxes. The scammer will attempt to get you to send money immediately through wire transfer or a prepaid card to clear the charges. Absolute scam, the CRA does not operate this way. If you encounter this type of call, troll them mercilessly, then report the number. More about [More]
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Claiming personal tax credits on Schedule 1 and the T1 General Return (Part 4 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). In the previous tutorial, we looked at tax deductions and their importance in figuring out what someone’s taxable [More]
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Reporting income and inputting T-slips on the T1 tax return (Part 2 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). All income on the Canadian Personal T1 return is reported in the first part of the T1 General tax returns. [More]
For more information, visit or call us at: 386-248-2121 Check out our other website at: Find us on Facebook: Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Registered Representatives of G.A. Repple & Company, a Registered Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.
The Finance Guru is back with yet another informative video that will solve all your queries about things that should be keep in mind.Today’s topic of discussion ‘What is Financial Planning?’ To Learn More, Please Watch the video!! How to Save TAX? 3 Legal Ways to Save TAX For More Updates follow me on: Facebook Link… Twitter Link… Linked in Link. To know more about my channel, SUBSCRIBE now
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Inputting Proper Personal Information (Part 1 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). In this video tutorial, I review the first step in the T1 Tax preparation process by looking at the personal information portion of the T1 General [More]
ทำไมต้องวางแผนการเงิน : ความจำเป็นทางการเงิน – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ไม่สะดวกดูออนไลน์ อุดหนุน DVD บทเรียนนี้ได้ที่ รายได้หลังหักค่าใช้จ่าย จะนำไปใช้ส่งต่อความรู้ และดำเนินกิจกรรมต่างๆ ผ่านเว็บไซต์ A-Academy ต่อไป – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – เรียนรู้บทเรียนอื่นๆ เพิ่มเติมที่ A Free Lifelong Learning Academy
Learn how software, cloud and Internet companies can dramatically improve revenue forecasting, budgeting and analysis. This webinar provides a detailed demonstration of how software companies utilize NetSuite for revenue modeling and automating end-to-end financial planning processes.
Best Parks and Rec Accounting Jokes, you can account on them being good 😉
QuickBooks Labs features by Hector Garcia, CPA: Importing Styles from Word Documents into QBO invoices. The NEW Redesigned Reports
QuickBooks Online (QBO) 2016 overview under 20 minutes. Getting Started, connecting the bank, chart of accounts, overview of transactions by Hector Garcia, CPA
On April 9, 2013, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government held a hearing to conduct congressional oversight of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is a video recording of that hearing.
Indiana attorney, Ryan Dillon of Dillon Legal Group covers estate planning in this short video. The topics covered include, Last Will and Testament, Trusts, Other ways to transfer property, Funeral Planning, Living Wills and DNRs, Appointment of Healthcare Representative, and Power of Attorney. Dillon Legal Group is located in downtown Franklin, Indiana. You contact Dillon Legal Group at 317-738-2525 or you can also visit on the web for more information.
An online seminar for California residents that outlines the various planning options available for estate planning, incapacity planning, and planning for the transfer of family wealth. The presentation discusses the effects of no planning, planning using a Will only, using beneficiary designations, using joint tenancy ownership, and the use of living trust planning. Discusses Probate in California, including the costs, time delays, and public nature.
Watch complete news story of Money guru for getting detailed updates about the queries in financial planning, investments etc! Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi business news channels in India. The channel has revolutionized business news by its innovative programming and path-breaking strategy of making business news a 24/7 activity as it is not just limited to the stock market. This has made Zee Business your channel to wealth and profit. Besides updated hourly news bulletins, there is a lot to watch out for, whether it be stock market related detailed information, investments, mutual funds, [More]
Learn QuickBooks Online in 30 minutes with Hector Garcia, CPA (an Accountant and Expert on EVERYTHING QuickBooks) Free Trial + 35% Discount:
Here are my 5 top tips for managing your accounting & bookkeeping: Tip #1 – Find A Good Accountant. Finding a competent accounting can be crucial to keeping your books in order and they will be able to give you great advice and may deliver efficiency and tax savings. Tip #2 – Understand The Basics.Try to read up on the basics of accounting such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts. Tip #3 – Cloud Tools For Bookkeeping. There are loads of great cloud-based tools out there that allow you to access the information anywhere, any [More]
You’re good at what you do, whether it’s manufacturing, running a charity or building houses. But perhaps you’re not quite so good at keeping your accounts in order. So, instead of struggling with them, shouldn’t you give them to someone who’s knowledgeable about bookkeeping and accounts and save yourself a lot of time and headaches? At ISA Consortium, we’re experienced in taking your finances and making sense out of them. If you’re a business, we can deal with your tax, VAT and Payroll, as well as help you with Corporate Tax. If you’re someone who needs help with their Income [More] In this video segment on Income Tax Preparation, Softron Team Member Sukjhit Annad discusses T3 Return Trust Return.
New IRS head says taxpayers no longer trust agency The new acting head of the Internal Revenue Service is telling Congress that American taxpayers no longer trust the agency amid a growing number of scandals — from targeting conservative political groups to lavish spending on employee conferences. GOP lawmaker: IRS targeting likely led by Washington A Republican U.S. congressman investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of conservative groups said on Sunday the targeting was likely directed from Washington, a claim quickly rejected by a top Congressional Democrat involved in the probe. Report finds $50M for IRS conferences A [More]
How to Report Zero Value on IRS Form 8938: Brought to you by FATCA –
Estate and gift tax planning can benefit both you and your heirs. Do you have an estate plan that arranges for your assets to be distributed the way you wish? Will your heirs benefit from your wise planning that minimizes estate taxes? Do you need an objective party to help review your estate plan to make sure it’s really what you want? Eide Bailly provides federal and state estate and gift tax planning, and return preparation. We can evaluate an existing plan to make sure it’s working to your benefit, or we can help you establish an estate plan that [More]
For more information, please visit www.ValleyElderLaw.LA. This educational video about California Estate Planning was produced by California estate planning & elder law attorney Randall F. Kaiden. This video contains a general discussion about California Estate Planning, California Revocable Living Trusts, California Last Will and Testaments, California Advanced Health Care Directives, Guardians, Estate Transfer Taxes, and Financial Powers of Attorney. Randall F. Kaiden, founding attorney at Valley Elder Law (and The Trust Store-our online portal), was born and raised in Los Angeles. In 1998, he began working in tax, estate planning and probate law. Soon thereafter, he added Medi-Cal & Veterans [More]
People in their 30’s often lose sight of saving for retirement because they are busy with things like raising kids, paying off student loans and buying a new house. Find out how to get back on track and take advantage of saving in your young years to fully prepare for a successful retirement. 0:05 “Max out your 401(k) as much as you can or at least to the match” 0:23 “Look at eliminating high cost debt, because when you look at student loans, if you look at credit card debt, car loans and things like that, this can add up [More] ●●► This quick and easy tutorial video shows you how to manually enter credit card transactions (charges, payments and credits) in the new QuickBooks Online (QBO). 1) how to enter credit card charges 2) how enter credit card payments 3) how to enter credit card credit for returned items or bonus credit Another top-rated tutorial video offered by VPController for
Recorded 09/25/2015, After seeing a plethora of advances in QuickBooks Online’s Bank Rules, I feel it was time to make a video to speak about its awesomeness! Thank you Intuit for helping me fight the war against data entry with QuickBooks Online / Bank Feeds! and making me more efficient as an accountant to concentrate in doing what I love: Consulting with my clients on how to make the businesses better, so they can have a better life for themselves and their families. Hector Garcia,CPA
Outsource Bookkeeping – Clarifying Simple and easy Tips Of Outsource Bookkeeping Outsource Bookkeeping – Clarifying Simple and easy Tips Of Outsource Bookkeeping Big Reasоns Why Your Firm Will Bеnеfіt from Uѕing Outsource Bookkeeping Clоud Comрuting. Here’s a rеason why we make that recommendаtion. Outsource Bookkeeping Security and sоftware iѕ upgraded fоr уоu. Everуbodу knows thаt dіgіtal technology is cоnstantly uppіng its game at a breakneсk speed. Trying to keep up wіth both software securіty and уour work software will rеquirе a conѕiderable аmоunt оf researсh, cost fоr nеw versions оr nеw [More]
Michelle Eckhart Accounting Services aims to take the burden out of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and office tasks, so you can concentrate on YOUR business matters. Conveniently located on Commerce Street in McCall, Idaho, we are here to meet with you when you need us. Now you can enjoy the journey to success along with the peace of mind you deserve. Let our accounting knowledge and personal friendly service get your books balanced today and let you get back to what you do best! At Michelle Eckhart Accounting Services, we’ve got you covered. Call for a quote today. Call 208-309-4676 or [More]
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